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March 31 2008

"Green River Killer" scores LMN's highest ratings ever. "The Capture of the Green River Killer" Part 1, featuring James Marsters as Ted Bundy, delivered the highest ratings in the cable network's 10 year history. Part 1 averaged some 2 million total viewers and 577,000 women 18-49.

Part two of the mini runs Monday night (March 31) at 8 p.m. It looks like the cable channel beat the CW. Part 1 reruns tonight at 6pm. Further ratings info at

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The demographic is easy to explain :)
Just to be pedantic LMN didn't tie NBC or beat Fox - the numbers quoted for the other channels were purely those in the 18-49 demo. However, it does look like it beat the CW which is still not bad going for a small cable channel.
Thanks, helcat. Those numbers made absolutely no sense to me.
Ratings articles always seem to be written in the most confusing manner possible. It'll be interesting to see how Part 2 does tonight.

(Problem with cable ratings is you rarely hear them unless the channel puts out a press release or they're in the top 20 for the week.)
You're right. I looked at the demo instead of the total HH ratings, I fixed it in the lead.
Heh, we all know why this is. Or we can guess. I wonder if the PTB are gonna take notice? *snort* Doubtful.

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