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March 31 2008

Double dose of the 'verse: Buffy #13 and Angel: ATF #6 ship this week! According to Diamond's shipping list.

Both at the same time? Shiny!
Woah! Anyone know if it just happens to be early this month or is it bi-weekly for this middle arc or has it just shifted to a different week or -insert infinite possibilities here-?
I think it is just early think month, but I don't actually know.
This should be a really good week!
This seems to confirm BtVS coming out this week:

Thanks for the heads up! I was going to hit my shop tommorow, to pick up a few weeks' backlog, and go back again a couple of weeks from now. But I'm not waiting that long for new Buffy :)
Umm... and I get an email from my comic book store every week and according to it the Fray TP #1 is coming in this week. I don't know comic book acronyms yet, but does this mean just the first issue of Fray or the whole TPB? And if so, OMG!!! I REALLY WANT THE FRAY SERIES!!! I will absolutely flip out if I get Buffy, Angel, and Fray all in one week. The only thing that could make it better is getting Serenity #2 a week early!
It's the TPB, xanderharris.
Scott Allie said in a recent interview that there will be a few more surprises in the current Buffy arc by Drew Goddard. Considering last month's reveal, I wonder what's in store for us this month?

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