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June 11 2003

James Marsters' Favourite Weekend. "I eat very little a lot of meat, a lot of vegetables to maintain low weight. But you know what my favorite meal is? Ribs".

Sounds good to me.

"I'd say we're something like Weezer or Radiohead."

awwwww prol! ;-)

Btw, ran across a hilarious discussion of this article on a JM board yesterday wherin several UK posters tried to determine what "hush puppies" are. Was similar to watching a bunch of Americans try to puzzle out the meaning of "bangers and mash" or some such.

And for any of you still in the dark, hush puppies are little deep-fried balls of corn bread, very yummy.
And not a popular brand of shoes which was what I was thinking.
I've gotten comfortable with being hungry. You have to manage it, just like you manage fear "I'm all right with this."

I wonder what that does to the human brain. Isn't constant hunger a classic brainwashing technique? :-)
I read this back in May and though James must have been suffering from sleep-deprivation when he answered the questions, because most of it makes very little sense. In other interviews, he comes off as quite articulate and charming. This was just a mish-mash. Paris? Please!
He can't like Paris?
Sure he can like Paris, but in the context of the whole piece the Paris comments seem tossed in at the end as if he suddenly remembered what the original question was; and then there's that inexplicable "They're an older culture and don't always understand us" or WTTE--huh? Call me fangurl, but I never figured JM for an Ugly American, or at least not for a patronizing one.
I've eaten at Mr.Cecil's. Very good ribs.

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