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April 01 2008

THE Original Browncoat back up on eBay. Some of you may recall a few years ago when Shawna Trpcic and Jonathan Logan auctioned off the original screen-worn browncoat for $12,000. Well, now it's back up on the auction block. With a $300 starting big and no reserve!

And yes, I can confirm that this is indeed the original, not a replica or even one of the two stunt coats that are also out there. It's being sold by the same eBay user who bought it the first time around.

Note that while I was involved in helping Shawna & Jonathan with the original auction, I have no connection to the current one (other than confirming that it's legit), so this is not self-linking.

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so any bets as to whether it will go for more or less this time round? ooooh to own such a piece of shiny!
Why is the purchaser reselling, do you happen to know, RayHill?

And Beth'll, can you please use capitals in your posts, per site rules? Thanks.
I don't know, SoddingNancyTribe. Considering how big a fan she is, I'm kind of surprised. My guess would be the fact that we're headed into a big fat recession. I know that's what happened to a huge chunk of my collectibles at one point (except with "unemployment" instead of "recession" in my case). No matter how much I loved them, the box in the closet wasn't as compelling as paying the rent on time. :) But that's purely a guess.

Beth'll, considering that there's no reserve on the auction, it's anyone's guess! Someone could get it for a song. Or the folks who missed it last time around (or became fans since then - it was over 2 years ago, remember) could get into a huge bidding frenzy.

Personally, I hope it goes for more. Partly because I'd like to see this gal at least get back the money she spent the first time, partly because a higher resale indicates even more demand for Firefly memorabilia now than there was two years ago, and partly because I work at eBay and love high GMV numbers. :)

The only part of me that would like to see it go for less is the part of me that's bidding. But I already know I'm going to be *far* outbid by serious collectors and/or rich fans.

Oh. And since my joke about Nathan's birthday snowballed into Operation Browncoat last time (it still blows my mind how much they were able to raise!), I should mention that *my* birthday is next week. And I'd be more than happy to take this as a gift. hehehe
I'd be suspicious if it weren't so obviously real. What with April Fool's Day and all. Wish I had some money.
I've already registered (Kidding! ;-)

I just hope it goes for more than the $8K+ that OpBC bid last time.
I can't imagine it would sell for as much as it did when Firefly was in its hayday, but best of luck to those bidding!
Ah, Rayhill, those were the days, eh? I am STILL glad we didn't win that time around, and glad the money went to Equality Now! Hindsight is 20/20, but it all worked out just the way it should have, didn't it? Good luck bidding...I'm out this time!

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