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April 01 2008

Auction to raise money for Babz Chula's medical bills - dinner with Jewel Staite is up for grabs. Babz Chula, a Canadian actor, is once again battling cancer. A group of her friends and colleagues has formed a website to help raise money for her medical bills.

There are many items on which to bid. The group is called The Babz Chula Lifeline for Artists Society.

Well that seems like a very worthwhile cause. Maybe fans could do group bids and pick the most deserving person to go have dinner with Jewel.
All kinds of cool stuff is up for grabs. I wish I had a PayPal account to make a quick donation. A snail mail donation will have to do.
Wow. That's an impressive list of supporters. I'd love to meet any of them!
I made a donation and I encourage my fellow fans to do the same. Even a few dollars would help. Jewel wouldn't ask unless it was important to her.
Ok - a kiss with Jewel went for a pathetic $75 in Melbourne last weekend. When they told us at Jewel's Q&A that the kiss went for $75 we couldn't believe it - they clearly held the auction at the wrong time/place! - here's hoping this particular auction does a LOT better.
It's being done through which apparently isn't the same as regular old 'murican ebay. Anyone have an idea of how to register if you're not a resident of the Frozen White North? ;-)
There's a lot of X-Files stuff up for bid. Including a dinner with Agent Muld-- I mean, David Duchovny.

There's also a dinner with Tahmoh Penikett.
Ahh, I didn't make the connection between this and the ebay auction for dinner with Jewel and... that other guy... (sorry SG-A fans!) Now I see the mention of The Babz Chula Lifeline for Artists Society. Sorry about the double posting of the ebay link.
eBay removed the listings...anyone know why?
Not a clue though sometimes eBay can be a bit iffy about charity auctions.

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