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April 01 2008

Dreamwatch interview with James Marsters and his manager about the Rift convention. The Rift, the world’s first all-Torchwood convention, will be held on Saturday 26 April 2008 at Porchester Hall in Central London.

Sweet! Bloody sweet!!
I would kill to be there, even without John Barrowman. Add JB to the mix and I'd sell my soul.

Looking forward to extensive reports and hopefully lots of pics from my other cyber home, MarstersofOz. (Hope it's OK to post the forum name??)
This will be Marsters’ first convention appearance since the airing of his first Torchwood episode, which saw him in a passionate smooch with John Barrowman’s Captain Jack. Is he looking forward to the Q & As? “Hell, yeah!” he exclaims. “I can’t wait!”

Hehehe. Now I wish I could be there. Those questions! I mean, James is already used to the slash questions about Spike/Xander and Spike/Angel... but this actually happened (on TV because Spangel is real! At least that one time... *wink*). I wonder if the BUFFY/ANGEL fans there would ask James, that if he had another chance to do the WhedonVerse (which we all know he's ready for *pokes PTB, hard*) would he be averse or willing to bring Spike/Angel's love/hate (or is that hate/love?) to the bright light of the tube and give DB a big one for all the wanton amorous fans. Or the other way around... really, no biggie.

My mind now goes back to the convention that JM and DB did and if I recall correctly (from reports, 'cause I wasn't there *grumble*) the question did come up, and David was all gutsy about it and James was like 'he's not putting his tongue down my throat!' or something. Hmmm, singing another tune, now, me thinks?

Someone who's going to be at the Rift, please ask! :D

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