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April 01 2008

D&D Player's Handbook errata shops in the verse (today only). Brown Coat Cost; 10 gp Armor/Shield Bonus: +1.

Maximum Dex Bonus: +6
Arcane Spell Failure 0%
30-Foot Speed: 30 ft.
20-Foot Speed: 20 ft.
Weight 2 lbs.
Special: +2 bonus on Intimidate checks and a +1 bonus to unarmed attacks.
Special: You involuntarily use words like “’verse,” “shiny,” and “gorram.”

Farther down:

Page 108 – The Nine Alignments [Substitution]
Names like “Lawful Good” and “Chaotic Neutral” are so generic and boring. Strike all alignment names and replace accordingly:
Lawful Good: Superman
Neutral Good: Picard
Chaotic Good: Indiana
Lawful Neutral: Adama
Neutral: Unaligned (you’re still boring)
Chaotic Neutral: Jayne
Lawful Evil: Vader
Neutral Evil: Bender
Chaotic Evil: Mearls
New Alignment: Batman
Thus, a character would now say, “I am of the Mearls aligment” or “Batman alignment”.
It's good to see that criticism about the lack of Batman in the alignment system has finally been addressed.
Ha-ha, that was awesome. I've got to go edit some character sheets to correct their alignments- there are plenty of Jaynes in my binder...
My favorite had to be the grapple rules, because that really is how it works, lol
FINALLY I have a way to deal with the Vorpal Bunnies I find in my day-to-day adventures.

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