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April 01 2008

What ever happened to Ripper? Televisionary wonders about the fate of the Buffy spin-off. Could this be the only footage of it we'll ever see?

I never believed that this stood a chance of being made, sadly, for all sorts of reasons.

But for what ever reason I think it's a great shame, as I for one would have loved seeing a Giles spin off being done.
I'm not exactly holding my breath in anticipation that this happens soon... but I am holding onto hope that it does happen, whenever Dollhouseproduction /webmusicalextravanganza/ Buffycomicdrama/ Serenitycomichijinks allow. Which is an very small space at the moment, I imagine.
I kinda assumed it would actually happen, I though the BBC greenlit the project? I guess that doesn't mean anything for certain.
Nope, it wasn't greenlit, they were "in talks" and had said they were keen to work with him IIRC. Circumstances have changed but it still feels more likely than a 'Serenity' sequel to me.

And the article itself quotes him as saying he's not not doing it.
Also, I rewatched "I Was Made To Love You" last night and damn, that side of Mr. Giles never fails to impress.

And the article itself quotes him as saying he's not not doing it.

Morgan Freeman is also not not co-starring as an old friend and colleague who fights magical crime.
There was a story for this and the BBC were on board (as was, obviously, Joss and ASH and a bunch of other people). I knows that for a fact. Although I've not heard anything about it for a little while, I suspect/hope it will one day happen.

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I remember hearing that he was supposed to direct it. He was also said to be writing and directing the Spike project at one point. And this being the entertainment biz, anything Joss tells you for certain today could be wrong tomorrow.
Well, when things are uncertain or in progress, sometimes it's best to say nothing at all until you reach a more certain stage or have something definite to report. We know it is or was in the works. Communicating something that sounds definite to fans and then having things fall through is a worst case scenario that's to be avoided. We know it's possibly in the works, as gossi says.
Also, aren't interviews a way of Joss commenting ? They're his words, after all. So Joss' comment would appear to be
There isnít anything new. It might become too problematic. The rights issue with "Ripper" becomes complicated. There are other characters in the woods. We may have to do some fancy footwork. Obviously Iím committed to ["Dollhouse"], but that does not mean Iím not doing "Ripper."

Seems pretty clear to me. Anyone that wants to imagine a little purple 'joss' under that is welcome to ;).

Morgan Freeman is also not not co-starring as an old friend and colleague who fights magical crime.

And I i've got no doubts that he won't be not brilliant ;).
I'm more excited about a Ripper telemovie than about many, many things. I hope it comes to pass. A pox on "problematic!"
Yeah - I thought that it had gotten to the "discussing the rights issues" stage. Perhaps that's where it remains for the time being?

I wants it. Make it happen!
Heck, I want it too!!! One thing the BBC does very well is 90 minute television dramas.
The only way Ripper will happen is if they can somehow do it as a spinoff from Casualty, a dreary soap or make it a musical where you can vote for the lead actor or actress. Obviously with ASH on the judging panel.

Love Doctor Who and Torchwood but slightly annoyed that they are the only benefit I get from paying for a television licence. Can ya tell? :)
Yes, I've been asking this question myself and am a little disappointed that the project is at a stand still once again. I was under the impression that the BBC greenlighted six episodes.

Was I mistaken?
Was I mistaken?

Yup! ;)
I love that clip of ASH in Puffy! Funny stuff. Thanks for linking that 187.
This must happen!

I've been quite excited ever since Joss announced it last year...
If only we fans had a hundred million bucks sitting around, Joss and Anthony would be on their way to making Ripper. Sadly, the people who have that kind of cash aren't Ripper fans. :(
Reading between some of the lines, I get the impression BBC don't just want to *buy* a film *from* Fox called Ripper but want to produce it themselves. Which is perhaps where the issue of rights comes in.
quantumac, I highly doubt Ripper would cost 10% of that. Probably closer to 5%.
Seems like the best way to get "Ripper" made would be to have Eliza star in it.
Well, considering where Giles and Faith's characters are at in season 8, that would work.
Only if it were made at Fox under Eliza's deal, in which case BBC wouldn't have first look, Fox TV US would.
quantumac, I highly doubt Ripper would cost 10% of that. Probably closer to 5%.

£2.5 million ? I'd be surprised if it even cost that. For context, according to Wikipedia (usual caveats ;) back in 1996 "Our Friends in the North" (a nine part series totalling about 10 hours of TV - and remember that's without adverts) was considered very expensive and cost £8 million. Even with inflation that's only, what, £1 million an hour ?

If he's talking to the BBC about it then presumably it'd be a BBC production (otherwise he'd be talking to Fox ;). I guess rights just to broadcast it would be a much more straightforward affair.

(i.e. the BBC would put in a bid, Sky would offer more and they'd get the rights - see ? Straightforward ;)
Yeah, I might be a bit on the generous side.
Doesn't Fox own the rights to the characters? I figured that was why there were difficulties in getting it into production with the BBC. But if Fox made it (which they would only do if they thought it would be lucrative) then that problem would be solved. Since Eliza seems to have some influence in the realm of Fox, it might work. Just speculating.
Doesn't Fox own the rights to the characters?

20th Century Fox do. Not the network. Also the Kuzuis and Dolly Parton (she owns Sandollar) and Joss. And David Greenwalt as well I think.
Dolly Parton ? Never knew that.

If you're interested TamaraC, there's a PDF breakdown here which seems to indicate (if you total analogue and digital programmes) that the average cost of BBC drama is indeed approx. £1.1 million per hour.

(all that faffing about on wikipedia then I remembered they'd have to publish their accounts ;)
So at 1.1M pounds an hour that would be 1.65 for 90 minutes and $3.3M US. I still think it would be $5ish for Ripper.
Reckon they'd push the boat out for Big Purp, eh ? Maybe. Buffy was a pretty consistent performer on BBC2.
Yeah, I also think the rights fees would add quite a bump to the budget. Which of course they could turn around and recoup fromt he international distribution.

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Well, I'm saddened. I'm quite missing ASH right now. :(

Puffy... was... disturbing, to say the least.

Does anyone else feel that comics are going to be the only avenues for Buffy/Angel/Firefly as we know it? Joss seems to be pushing forward with the "now" projects (Dollhouse/Dr. Horrible) and probably won't get a real chance to take the oldies back to the screen. Just a thought.
Ever since Dollhouse was announced I suspected this won't happen. This is the Joss project I would be most interested in
Thanks for the Poofy link, Simon. Oh god.

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Personally I would rather see Ripper than Dollhouse (I am just afraid its not going to work), but I can imagine da Man doesn't want to cover ground already covered.

I've been keeping an eye out and an ear to the ground regarding this project for a while now... Joss's backtrack fromhis statements at the ComiCon last fall are dissapointing and pretty darn telling... LOL Simon, I always loves me a Kuzuis reference... Those "Phantom" producers are quite a mystery... Was is TM or DG who was quoted as saying all they ever did for all the years he was at ME was show up and pick up a check... Maybe they should pony up some cash for a Ripper series...
I followed the Poofy link, which then lead to the Rocky Horror Picture Show video on YouTube.......just when I had finished paying off the therapy bills from the last time I watched it.
Poofy is the greatest thing ever.
Nothing new here, but it does sadden me reading it...
shpedoinkel Nothing quite like ASH in a leather jacket & disturb you mentally for days to come.

Still nothing new on his site - "We'll post more news when it become available."

Sad to say, but..."Ripper" would have stood a much better chance of happening a few years ago, when "Buffy" was still freshly ended, Joss didn't have a half-dozen other projects, and Tony wasn't as busy as he is.
Slightly offtopic but is there word on a DVD version of VH1's karaoke celeb RHPS?

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