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April 01 2008

(SPOILER) Preview page from Angel:First Night (Issue 6) which is released tomorrow. A new page from the story that is drawn by comic book legend John Byrne.

Misplaced people who live on the edge of the known universe get all their issues about a month after everyone else. 'Tis a great mystery.

I will not look. I will not look...
And don't forget the pic right below the Byrne page; it's a glimpse at Connor's story, pencilled by Stephen Mooney.
Byrne is a master. I wish he'd go back to his older style (late 70s early 80s, with immaculate rendering by the inker), but his stuff still looks terrific.
I'm diggin' that Mooney page.
I'm seriously conflicted over whether I can afford a third comic per month when I'm not particularly enjoying the one it's spun off from in the second place.
I'd suggest not getting it then, DaddyCatALSO. Might be weird for me to suggest it, but if you don't like the series, why waste your money? It's just that simple.
Well I'm excited, I'll be there with bells on. I am loving this series and looking forward to lots more. I never thought I would love comics but right now I am reading The Dark Tower, Locke & Key, Angel, Supernatural, Serenity & Buffy. Not too crazy about the Buffy ones, keep waiting for it to grab me, but hasn't yet. I'm tempted to look into the Everybody's Dead series. Argh, you're just after my time and money aren't you and I just grin and hand it out. Oh well, almost nothing better than Saturday morning with a cup of coffee and a new comic, esp. if Spike just happens to be in it.
luvspike, Everybody's Dead seems to be pretty entertaining.

(And of course it's a total coincidence that I'm shilling the writer's book a couple posts below him.)
John Byrne revamped (pardon the expression) Superman, and was the reason I started collecting comics again. I loved his run on the Fantastic Four. Can't wait.
I never thought I would love comics again. I lost interest 12 years ago or so. Probably because I was somewhat dependent on my guy friends to filter for me.

I've got a backlog now though 'cause my store sold out of Angel #4 and hasn't gotten more in. So, I buy but I don't read 'cause I don't want to skip. I know I can order it elsewhere, but the owner is super nice to a saved the hardcover edition of "The Long Way Home" just for me sort of way.
Thanks, Brian.. just THANKS.
Looking forward to the story, but MAN has Byrnes art gotten dull these past few years.
Agreed. John Byrne has always been one of my favourite artists. His work on West Coast Avengers, She-Hulk, Fantastic Four, Spider-Man and, obviously, X-Men will always count as some of my favourite runs of those particular series. I'm just not as impressed with his current work. It's often as if I'm looking at the work of another artist with the John Byrne style, but not quite as good. That said, this Lorne story is easily the best I've seen him do in a good long while.

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