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April 01 2008

Buffy, Firefly, and Angel 50% off at Amazon. Get the Buffy Chosen Collection for $100, Firefly Complete Series for $25, or Angel Complete Collection for $70 as part of Amazon's sale on sci-fi television.

Not that anyone here doesn't already have these, but they could make good gifts, right?

By all means, this is a great opportunity for anyone who doesn't already own them; however, I'm going to recommend staying away from the Firefly set, as we have rumors of an HD release, and (according to Jewel) a new boxed set altogether.
From what I understand the HD release/new boxed set are one and the same.
I'd like to see an HD release of Buffy and Angel. I know Buffy wouldn't look much better than it does on DVD (I'm no expert though, I'm just guessing), but Angel probably would look great.

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It kind of hurts...I remember paying $164 for the Chosen Collection when it first came out. Fortunately, it was tax deductible (yay, school purposes!), but still...
As for an HD release of BtVS, I know for a fact that S2 would still look all grainy, just because of the film used (too lazy to look it up right now, as I'm supposed to be doing homework).
I'm almost tempted to buy another set, as I've already almost worn mine out. Stupid economy.
The one question I've always had is why can't they make something that's in the 4:3 aspect ratio in high definition? Just do digital enhancement to the picture but leave the 4:3 AR intact. No one ever does this. If anything, they usually cut off pieces of the top and bottom or stretch the thing, then call it HD. :/
"From what I understand the HD release/new boxed set are one and the same."
I hope not. Then I'd have to buy an HD player!

"I'd like to see an HD release of Buffy and Angel."
Unlikely. If this was a format switch like VHS>DVD, then it would be different, but SD-DVDs are playable in blu-ray players, which means there is no immediate demand to go through the very expensive process of HD mastering. Angel might be a different story, as the latter seasons are already mastered.
worldwidestudios, there is only one new Firefly release and it will be in Bluray. There is no new standard boxset.
For those in the 'States who are interested in getting the FF Box Set, you can get it at Target Stores for the same price. -Just sayin', is all.
"there is only one new Firefly release and it will be in Bluray"
Aw man!
Got the "Star Trek Fan Collective - Time Travel" set for $21. Been waiting for that one :)
Oh, suuuuure! When I'm flat-busted....I mean broke..."Angel" is at its most likely most affordable.

It's not fair! Stampy foot I'll never get to see the series! Pout.
By the way, I noticed the sale extends waaaay beyond the shows in the list linked to. [More sale details]. Turns out I may have to pick up some sets after all... Twilight Zone is looking rather tempting at half price...
I wish these prices would affect my country's stores but alas. They basically remain the same. Way back in the day I paid about 300 euro's for the Buffy box, would love to get me another one at those cheap prices as a backup (some of my dvd's are getting bad)
Jesus Christ these prices are insane, I remember payin more for ONE season than what the whole Angel collection now costs! Early adopter's curse I suppose ;_;

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