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April 01 2008

Dick Cheney crowns OMWF the best episode of "Buffy". And fights to support his claim on Intellipedia.

CNET breaks the story including this quote from the VP who says, "The juxtaposition of Buffy's emotional dependence on her mentor and the interpretive dance number was deeply moving."

Are you sure this isn't an April Fool's joke?
Shouldn't this have been posted on April 1st?

ETA: Damn, beat me to it.

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Dick Cheney... moved?

That'll be the day.
Buffy analysis disclosed through FOIA? Redacted plot summaries? Hee.
It's still April 1 in the U.S.
Finally, some levity! Another site I frequent, one which is known to traditionally have BIG April Fools coverage, was absolutely dead today. I can only conclude we have become a grumpy, humorless world, just as our overlords have hoped for.
quantumac, now there's a picture to make Cheney smile, for real. I'm so glad it's April Fool's. If I ever discovered that I agreed with Cheney about anything, I might have to shoot myself. Two or three times. (And, unlike our infamous vice-prez, I hit what I'm shooting at...)
In other news, Joss Whedon's reputation for character deaths has gotten out of hand. It's like a Reaver raiding party could appear at any moment!

I must say, you have a point about the humorlessness, quantumac. ;)
God - that almost got me. I was all ready to write a big - leave the undead!Cheney's opinions off this website rant. Then I caught a clue.
Sunfire, I knew it. Joss Whedon needs to be stopped, and like now. He needs to be slayed.

Sadly, A Reaver Raiding party has an equally deadly sister, its called a A Reaver Reading Party. They make a raiding party look tame.

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Haha, I knew that it was an April Fools as soon as I saw the headline... but I sent it to my mom and she fell for it.

Cheney moved by the interpretative dance... love it.
Haha, I was totally tricked for a second! I was thinking "Dick Cheney watches Buffy???"

This post was so much fun. Good choice Cobralice!
Thanks, Cobralice! That's a clever piece.
Great! It's still April 1st here in Hawaii and on the U.S. West Coast. The "humorlessness" thing opens the door for something really OT but hey .... humorous ;-)

A bumper sticker I say today made me laugh and groan at the same time:

Frodo failed
Bush has the Ring

That's really funny. Don't you guys have the midday rule though ? Over here if you play a prank after noon you're the April fool.
I was wondering when someone was going to get around to posting a prank. Over here, all we had was an overly-enthusiastic piece about penguins learning to fly. As if.

Can't say that the thought of Cheney liking Buffy, or anything that incites humour for that matter, is any more believable. Still, it got me. There was a brief moment where I wondered if I had misjudged the man, then a moment of abject horror as I realized the complete ramifications of what I was thinking, followed by a sense of enormous reilief that it must surely a hoax! Good post!
I was wondering when someone was going to get around to posting a prank.

Including the Cheney one, there are three April Fool's pranks on the front page at the moment.
Well, I am clearly a gullible idiot, but that's only news to you lot. Think I know what one of the others is. It would explain shey's laughter at any rate. I did wonder. Think I almost got the third, but I'm not giving anything up. Let's just see if Morgan Freeman fails to not show up there, too.

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No midday rule here. In fact I only know about it because of internet research.
Really really funny :D
Wow. For the fifteenth seperate time, I fell for an obvious April Fool's prank. Gotta watch out for those. Particularly on April First.
I could actually see Cheney watching Buffy. His favorite characters would probably be Angelus, the First and the Master.

Bush's favorite is probably Glory.
Shey, that great bumper sticker sounds like a must-have to me !
No midday rule here. In fact I only know about it because of internet research.

I'm not sure how stringently it's held to even here anymore but it was hard and fast when I was growing up.
It was posted on CNET before midday! I just didn't find it until later (hangs head and grumbles... stupid job...).

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