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April 02 2008

The Legend of Zelda Film Trailer. Camden Toy who played, in Buffy and Angel, one of the gentleman, Gnarl, the Ubervamp, and finally "The Prince of Lies" in the Angel episode "Why We Fight" appears in the trailer for an adaptation of the Zelda video game series.

Unfortunately its an April Fool's joke... a very expensive looking April Fool's joke...

If only it were true. Ocarina of Time would make an awesome movie.
Thank God it's an April Fool's joke, this movie would be really bad, lol...

I think we all learned a lesson from Advent Children.
Advent Children was pretty bad, but I think it was necessary. At least the visuals were amazing.

A live-action Zelda, however, is needed as much as a live-action Dragonball.
It does look like one very expensive April Fool's joke. They really need to make a Zelda movie, if done right it could be very awesome, though given the history for video game movies it's unlikey it actually would be. Everyone's in love with the Ocarine of Time, but I always thought the 3rd game, A Link to the Past on the SNES was a better game and story.
Gha! First time in a LONG time that an internet April Fool's joke has gotten me! Mostly because I've wanted this to happen for a very, very long time, but always been wary that they wouldn't do it right. I mean, how many video game movies come out well? But the right visual aesthetic, the right balance of humor and taking the subject matter seriously, it could end up a great fun fantasy film. As someone who grew up with 80s fantasy films (Legend, Willow, etc) and WAY too much Zelda (I have a tattoo), I'd go see it regardless. Actually, now that I'm thinking about it, the Buffy writers would be perfect for a project like this. Well, provided they were interested in the material; I seem to recall in the interviews on the Chaos Bleeds game, Mr. Whedon mentioned he wasn't really into games.

I thought Advent Children was fun, albeit more fan service than plot. It was worlds better than the infinitely forgettable Spirits Within movie anyway!

(First time poster, by the by. Hello everyone!)
Very well done hoax!
Unfortunately its an April Fool's joke...

I am so very sad right now. This, and someone I rely on at work pretending he was quitting, are the only two jokes I fell for this year. Cruelty seems to be the name of the game this year.
Why the lack of love for Advent Children? Sure, it was prettymuch a series of stylish battles linked together by a bit of plot, but that's the formula that's made the games so successful... I think it worked well for the movie.

It's a cute trailer, and high budget for an April Fool's Day joke, but not high enough that I didn't have it pegged for one. If they were to do a Legend of Zelda movie, it would deserve full on Lord of the Rings treatment as far as budget and script quality.
Oh, I didn't even make it to the trailer. The headline here made me happy.... then I saw the comments. Damn you Whedonesque, the last thing I expected was a fake video game trailer. Firefly rumors, yes. Zelda hopes, no. Very well played, xerox.

Hollywood would probably do a terrible job adapting that to a movie, anyway.
Sheeeesh i feel dumb. I thought it was real the entire time i was watching the trailer. I'm relieved though, because that looked awful. the kid playing link looked interesting though.

i still think Zelda would work perfectly as an animé.

something like Miyazaki crossed with peter jackson.

oooh i just had a thought. if they were to do a live-action, Vincent Kartheiser would be brilliant. I know a lot of us just know him as connor (who brooded better than angel....maybe he gurned), but if you remember the way his face lit up when he ate that chocolate....fantastic. And while i think about it. his clothes looked kinda Zeldish. He looked like a broken Link (absolutely no pun intended).
I loved Advent Children! Yeah, dumb story, but an amazing step forward in CG animation.

Besides, I'm still secretly in mourning for Aeris, ten years later...
That's pretty impressive for a joke.
Hey, Advent Children was very entertaining. I watched it like 4 times. I think it's funny how Cloud seems to be affected by gravity a little less every 10 minutes.
Im kinda shocked you guys are ragging on FFVII:AC. I kinda think it rocks. In fact, I think it kinda really rocks! The story, when you understand it, is actually beautiful. Most people just don't understand the story of FFVII enough to really get it, I think. Its a movie for the true fan, not the armchair gamer.
Ok, they got me too, up until he puts on that ridiculous outfit (with the hat!). They always make lame costumes look better and cooler in recent movie adaptations (like Xmen, for example). It was a pretty good joke, although I wouldn't mind seeing a movie based on this game; I always loved watching my brother play (I unfortunately have no coordination/skill for videogames).
It makes me feel so happy to see so much love for the Zelda games here! :)

I would actually love this to be a full movie! :) It looks like it would be just really fun to watch. It would be a good movie obviously but it would be fun.

And I believe Hollywood could produce a good Zelda movie. Like Silent Hill, they would have to take the games and cut them up. Then put them back together into a plot that would work well as a movie. Guillermo Del Toro would be a perfect choice as a director. One thing that would be very different from the games is Link would have to talk. Shigeru Miyamoto would have a fit about that though... :)
And if you think Silent Hill was a bad movie... thats because it is. :( But it is a good video game movie. There's a difference. Silent Hill was a perfect recreation of the games. A Zelda movie would work best like that... although Guillermo could probably make it into more then a video game adaption and into something that should win a few academy awards but end up not getting nominated. :(

A people like to rag on the Resident Evil movie trilogy all the time, saying their nothing like the games... George A. Romero was asked by Capcom to make the first Resident Evil movie before Paul W.S. Anderson. He delivered a script that was a retelling of the original Resident Evil for the PS1. You can read it somewhere on the internet. Capcom didn't like it because they didn't think fans would like a movie that was a complete retelling of the game. (It probably would have been fine) Capcom then hired Paul W.S. Anderson.
I like the Resident Evil movies... they aren't super good but I enjoyed them.

Then there is Uwe Boll... an awful awful human being, who thinks car chases and nudity make a movie a whole lot better.

Hollywood just hasn't figured out how to approach video game adaptations... hopefully the Metal Gear Solid movie will change that! :)
Arrgg... I was *so* excited, too!
I don't understand... how in the world (and *why*) would someone make that...? It looked pretty convincing to me!
no wonder it looked horrible!

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