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April 02 2008

ABC picks up Nathan Fillion's pilot of Repo Brothers. At this year's Cut Festival, Nathan shares the news about the pilot he wrote.

Cool! Anyone who's seen him onstage at cons can attest that the guy has an amazing gift for comedy. It'll be great to see what he is capable of when writing his own show.

But to clarify, when the piece says that the pilot was "picked up", do they mean that it's been greenlighted for production for pilot season where networks decide what to air? Or do they mean that ABC has already committed to airing it already without having shot anything? And will he be starring in it too, or will it be for someone else to act in while he directs?

Details, ladies, details! ;-)

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Ooh, I hope it's been greenlit to series, that'd rule. Nathan just seems to have what they call "funny bones" so it follows that any comedy he writes has to at least be worth checking out.
The trades have not picked up on this yet. The first step would be that the studio bought the script. Jumping ahead to series is about 5 or 6 steps down the line. I seriously doubt that has happened.
So what happens after a script is "picked up"? Does that usually mean it will get developed, or can the network just sit on it? Can Nathan get it back at some point if ABC doesn't do anything with it? Still, it's ABC, not FOX, so that bodes well in my book.

This should just be a first step, and may not get any further, but it IS a big first step. Good for him.
If all they did was purchase the script, it doesn't mean it will get greenlighted to even film a pilot. It doesn't mean it will go to series. They can sit on it for quite a while and yes, eventually, the rights would go back to Nathan.
Ahhh, thanks TamaraC. Nathan's done a lot of good work for ABC. They must know he has a growing fan base and a good rep amongst producers and directors. I'm hoping this turns out to be his big break.
The link is to an interview he did last August. Is that the only place it is mentioned online?
I really want to see this as a series. (fangirl squee!)
I believe the interview is just as background to what he was referring to when he told a fan at the Cut Festival about ABC picking up the pilot. I'm actually a little surprised that I haven't seen other reports from the Cut Festival. Did anyone from here go?
NYP, You can find orangepenguino's report here. It sounds like she went with bufandita, who usually takes zillions of pics and videos to share, so hopefully we'll get more details soon.
Cool, thanks. I also found that Chindi on went. She didn't have pictures up yet, (that I could find.)

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Originally posted by Chindi:
"He has 4 or 5 more episodes of Desperate Housewives.

Yeah! I was worried he wouldn't even be back.

The man has been working out and they haven't even shown him with his shirt off yet. I hope the Desperate Housewives people gave Nathan a camera so he could do some stuff for the DVD. Got the Lost Season 3 DVD and there was no shiny Nathan extras. :(

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That sounds seriously great.

Congrats, Nathan, and here's to hopin' it goes further!
I have my fingers crossed!
Oh awesome would it be to have Nathan and Alan in the leading roles? Seeing as how they started it an' all.

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