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April 02 2008

(SPOILER) New Astonishing X-Men Art. For those curious to see what post-Whedon Astonishing X-Men will look like.

I don't know how many Whedonesquers will keep reading this series after Joss's run is over, but for those that are this should be interesting.

That art looks pretty good, as far as I'm concerned. Any word yet on where this title will go, after Joss' run ends? So far it has felt like a completely seperate entity from the rest of Marvel's titles (none of the major cross-over events seemed to have any impact on the title and it almost seemed like Astonishing was something of an alternate universe title at times). Will the story 'refold' into the existing timeline with Ellis' run?

Seeing as I haven't read any regular comictitles for years (I pick up a few trades from time to time, but that's it), apart from Astonishing X-Men, I'm worried it'll become 'just another X-title' - not in quality (Ellis is a pretty "big name" writer who should be able to deliver), but in its place within the total marvel storyline.
Here are some more pages of art. No dialogue yet.
GVH, Ellis' run will be more integrated into the current X-books, but will continue to be separate from the major events and crossovers.

But for those not reading the other X-books, it's going to be a real shock since there are massive changes between the end of Joss' run and the start of Ellis' due to Messiah Complex.

I'm not sure how well that's going to go over with the fans that only read Joss' AXM and when all of a sudden . That's so vastly different than anything in Joss' run, and I'm sure some will blame Ellis for ruining what Joss did.
Thanks, FaithFan. That's exactly what I was afraid of, though. Still, I'll probably get the first few Ellis issues anyway, seeing as my comic shop is keeping Astonishing apart for me. But I may be droppig the title after Joss has left (again, not because of Ellis, who I'm sure'll do a great job), and I'm probably not the only one. Comic books don't come cheap, and I'm only buying the "essentials". I wonder if the end of Joss' run'll show in the sales figures.
I've been reading Ellis' Global Frequency (Great limited series, by the way), but I always had trouble enjoying Ellis take on super-hero line books.
Still hates what he did with X-Force a few years ago, but I'm always amazed by how good his other material are.
I'll probably stop reading AXM, but I've mostly quiting Marvel altogether, so it's just kind of part of the process, I was just lingering for Joss' final issues.
Ellis did an amazing job on X-man way back when. Perhaps...*gasp!* a return of Nate Grey in AXM?
In his latest mailing list e-mail, Ellis referred to the series as Astonishing X-Pervs.

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