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April 02 2008

James Marsters mention in Gareth David Lloyd interview. Gareth talks to iF magazine about his character arc, as well as a nice little mention of his experiences working with James on the set of Torchwood.

... as well as James' ability to make Buffy converts of his co-stars. :)

I think the big questions is, could we get John Barrowman starring in Once More With Feeling on Broadway?
I want to see Ianto on Dollhouse bringing Adele some coffee. :)
Dammit Simon, you've got me drooling again. ;)

Cool interview. Though as cool as this season's been, they really could do more with Ianto's character. Everyone else has had their own episode, but his character seems to be left behind. I'm hoping they'll rectify that next series.
AW! but he does get the best lines! lol 'cept for James' own "it's NICE!" lol Hee.
Ianto is the best thing about Torchwood. I'd like to see him on Dollhouse too :D

deepgirl187 - while I agree, Ianto's had a lot more to do this season than last season. Last season he only got one episode to himself and it was terrible; the rest of the time he was mostly restricted to slightly sardonic, pretty wallpaper. This season he's been out on the field a lot more, so he's been much more active.
As I understand it, the Ianto character was originally scheduled to be in only a few eps - perhaps to die during Cyberwoman? So in the first series he didn't get a lot to do, they had to actually write him into places he wasn't originally intended to be. But they liked the actor so kept him and beefed up the part. Same kind of thing happened with the character of Rhys (Kai Owen)
Well if that's true, Znachki, then that would make Ianto the Spike of Torchwood, I guess. And also glad they decided to keep Rhys around. No matter what the complaints I've heard, he's one of my favorites.
Great interview. So James has made BtS fans of the cast, sweet ;) I love where they've taken Ianto this season, especially the very funny one liners.
I /adore/ Rhys. He's great in episode 9, with the chainsaw. :)

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