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April 03 2008

(SPOILER) "Super Cat" opening scene and more info about Nick on "Criminal Minds". Get a preview of Nick as Super Cat. has another sneak peek of Super Cat. This time its a look of the show’s opening theme. It's still an unfinished product, but you can an idea of the goodness to come. Plus, more info on Nick's appearances on Criminal Minds.

I watched the Criminal Minds episode, and I must say I hope they continue to show Nick without a shirt. His time in the gym has clearly paid off, and the costumer's clothing choices are horrendous. Perhaps they could move away from the stereotype that computer geeks don't know how to dress themselves.

I loved his performance. He has such a wonderful, expressive face.
I haven't watched CM at all, but I found a couple of clips on You Tube wherein he is looking very cute. I did notice, though, their crazy computer nerd stereotype. The Penelope chick didn't look at all like a realistic person to me.
I just watched last night's Criminal Minds. Nick is so cute and funny! It's just so great seeing him on television again.
I watched the episode and thought it was good, despite gaping plot holes (the prison scene with Hotch and Reid ... catching the killer in Indianapolis). Nick is an endearing actor whose character deserves better clothes; the whole geek as bad dresser is so passe. And whoo boy, what an opening to that episode. It's not like we didn't see it coming, but so soon!
Nick is an endearing actor whose character deserves better clothes; the whole geek as bad dresser is so passe.

I was seriously surprised his shirt and tie combinations didn't send me into some kind of seizure during his scenes midway through and at the end of the episode.
I hadn't been watching Criminal Minds, but I saw Nick's first appearance and I really loved it! I'm glad I taped last night's show, I didn't know NB would be on but I'll be excited to see his return. I hope he gets to be a regular.
I just saw Criminal Minds, and oh boy that line that Penelope did.. "Somewhere between a Commodore 64 and a block of government cheese." just turned me on :D *fans self*

Wish that Nick had more lines though, great to see him again.
I only caught about a half-minute, because I was watching Idol, and, not being a fan of CM totally forgot it was on. I did see him quietly sneak into Garcia's office and get a hand to the face. Priceless! The yelp alone made me giggle.

I agree on the atrocious clothing, though - it's like a weird mix of Putz!Xander from "The Replacement" and Thralled!Xander from "Buffy vs. Dracula." And the hair! And the glasses....groan. Nicky's so much better/cuter than that.
I missed the first scene with Kevin and Garcia, but saw how adorable they were together when he called her his girlfriend. Looking forward to more appearances!
The Penelope chick didn't look at all like a realistic person to me.

Whoah there, Penelope Garcia is a goddess, my favorite character on the show, along with Reid. CM is the only broadcast network show on my "wont miss" list right now, with Jericho axed again and Life not back yet.

This was far from one of their best eps, but a lot of season openers are less than stellar, especially when a new major character (Joe Mantenga) has recently been introduced and they need to establish that character's identity.

I really love Nick's character and the chemistry between he and Kristen Vangsness (Garcia). This is an excellent show. I hope he gets more air time, but it's a large ensemble cast. Good to hear he's coming back for a third episode.

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