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April 03 2008

Olivia Williams to play in "Dollhouse." Televisionary's Jace reports Olivia Williams (Rushmore, Miss Austen Regrets) has been offered the part of Adele on Dollhouse. Jace gets the scoop, and The Hollywood Reporter confirms the news.

Thanks crossoverman for the confirmation link.

You beat me to it. I was just coming here to post this. I'm not familiar with her. Does anyone have any insight?
She's been in Spaced! :-p

I was thinking of someone a bit older but I think she's a good actress and would suit the part.
She was great in Rushmore. Brilliant movie that I would recommend to anyone.
I find her classy and elegant onscreen. This will do.
I'm not familiar with her. Does anyone have any insight?

She's a lovely Brit. If you didn't see her in either Rushmore or Miss Austen Regrets, you might have noticed her as Bruce Willis' wife in The Sixth Sense. And if you didn't see her in Rushmore, go pick up a copy now.
If this is true the casting people have their heads screwed on. She's really good.

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She's quite the actress. I hope this rumor is true.
These are my O.R. scrubs
O.R. they?
She was wunderbar in Rushmore. I think she'll be fantastic as a Whedonverse actress. I agree that she and Dushku will play off each other well. It feels right and interesting. This is excellent, excellent news.

Vaughan: heh. Rushmore really was the bomb, wasn't it?

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Wow. The Brits are really conquering American television, aren't they? I can't remember ever seeing so many British actors on American shows... but perhaps I didn't watch that many shows before!
This is exciting news (if true). I have liked Olivia Williams for quite a while now. She was excellent in a BBC biography of Agatha Christie and she is a very keen cyclist (totally irrelevant to her acting ability but, still, bonus points as far as I am concerned) and that does illuminate her role in Spaced as "knocked down cyclist".
This is perfect, perfect casting. She's going to be brilliant if she takes the job. Got this really deep and soulful vibe but with a steel edge she can bring to it, so I think she'll be able to make Adele into a character who can whirl on a dime between fierce and vulnerable.
She played Jane Fairfax in a version of Jane Austen's "Emma" which was just shown recently on PBS. And as mentioned before, she was wonderful as Jane Austen in "Miss Austen Regrets". I wonder if her portrayal of Jane had something to do with Joss picking her for "Dollhouse". Remember, Joss was once asked if he could have dinner with anyone, living or dead, who would it be and why. His response was,

"Jane Austen. 'cause, apart from being brilliant, she'd probably have kick-ass table manners."
Oh! It's Jane Fairfax! I think she'll be fabulous in this part. I hope it's true.
Televisionary was the first site to break the news about Joss directing The Office. Kudos to 'em for this scoop.
i loved her in peter pan! she's gorgeous.
Aye, Televisionary is required reading - it's a really excellent blog, so all credit to Jase.

Olivia is somebody who has worked in the entertainment industry for a good while and hasn't been sucked into the whole fame thing, despite being in some big projects ('cos seriously? Fuck fame). Her showreel is on Youtube here. She's a really talented actress so count me as officially excited to see what she can do with the role.

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6 degrees time, she was almost in 'A Knight's Tale' (which also obviously featured Alan Tudyk) - her scenes were cut apparently.

And sure, you can bring up her Jane Austen credits if you like but I think we all know it was her star-making turn as Moira McTaggart in "X-Men: The Last Stand" that really showed what she can do.

(seriously, she's a very decent actress and not exactly hard on the eyes either, good choice if true)
Saje, her Knights Tale thing is on her show reel. I think Alan is there too. And yeah, she's totally pretty, too. I like pretty ladies. And waffles.
For everybody who want to form a better idea of miss Williams and her acting skills, hereĎs a quite comprehensive showreel containing various scenes from her previous productions. ;-)

Oh sorry, already posted, nevermind...

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Lol, sorry Anuris. I needs me a life.
Ah yeah, just a few snippets of it, ta gossi. Bloody hell, BTW, was Craig Ferguson about 10 when he made 'Born Romantic' ? Looked it.

I'd seen that Jimmy Nesbitt film too, just didn't realise it was her.

Interestingly, in her showreel she only ever has an English accent, wonder if she'd keep it for the show ? It'd probably be the natural choice if she's meant to be a bit of an ice queen (on the surface).
Well, I like licorice jelly beans, which is an odd fodder for my type of slug, as I should be downing redwood.

I can see Ms. Williams in this part. Good choice.
Somehow I see more Claire Sanders in her than Adele (mostly because I wanted Adele to be a bit older). I'm excited nonetheless. I wished they had not announced that Joss was returning to TV until the show actually airs, cause the waiting time is killing me.
Anyone subjected to the quantity of Friends episodes that we are over here in the UK will remember her. She was the bridesmaid at Ross and Emily's wedding that Joey ummmm.... Joey'd.

I'm amazed she's 40.
Well, as she might be the first to point out, she's actually only 39 ;). But yep, very well preserved.

(she's 40 in July)
I wished they had not announced that Joss was returning to TV until the show actually airs, cause the waiting time is killing me.

And to let slip all the regular news, excitement, speculation etc.? No way!

Nevertheless, the waiting is killing me too, so I understand your feelings. ;-) But to go through the whole process from the beginning to the end has also itís pros and unique magic. This way every second day can be a cause for excitement and joy over some shiny new information regarding the show - even the tiniest little news can sometimes make your whole day (when your so obsessively enthusiastic about this show as I am :-). And wait how far more satisfying will it this way feel, when you actually finally get to the end (premiere of the show). Or when several years in the future, when Dollhouse will (hopefully) already be a well-known, hugely successful and acclaimed show entering itís [insert number here] season, you look back and proudly say to yourself or to a group of later fans, that werenít so lucky like you, "Yeah, I was there right from the very beginning..."

Didnít experience this with any of the previous Whedon shows, so Iím happy that this time around, I got my longed-for chance. ;-)
It's nice to actually be able to experience a Joss show from the seed stage right up until the full grown flower. For me, the previous 3 TV endeavours came at a stage in my life when programs just sprung up on the schedules and I was totally ignorant as to anything outside of the show itself (plus, being a Brit, I had no clue about American networks and such).

So to wrap this up into some sort of conclusion, me = giddy.
What, no love here for Below? It's far too under-rated, and she was pretty dang great in it. But I have to agree - she was brilliant in Rushmore. Awesome, awesome casting news.
Don't think I'm familiar with her, but I'm just so excited that casting seems to be moving along so well :)
It's like they're AIMING Dollhouse directly at me. Now, they've cast Jane Austen!
Thanks for the link to the showreel. Very cool if this pans out.
Floofypooh, thanks for the "Emma" reference -- Olivia Williams was very good in a laid-back but essential role.
Hollywood Reporter confirms it! Very exciting. Also, she played Bruce Willis' wife in "The Sixth Sense".
Always happy when one of my scoops is confirmed by the trades... :)

I just saw a pic of her from Rushmore. I hope Adele can have that haircut! Yowza.
Rushmore is one of my all-time favorite movies.

I'd love to see her in Dollhouse.
Ausiello has this now, but it's pretty much useless. And he spelled it Adelle.
Terrific news - I love Olivia. She did a grand job spoofing herself, sort of, in Spaced and always seems to be just on in every role she has.

Bonus six degrees link: she's from Camden Town, like ASH, and went to school with Helena Bonham-Carter (OK, that's not a Joss link, but the school was round the corner from my house, so it's a me link. :-))

ETA the confirmation to the subject link.
Yes, Ausiello was late to the reporting party... but I was amused by his comment,

"Even better, this performer's name doesn't resemble a word jumble! "

Also, Doghouse, you're welcome. I've been really enjoying all the Jane Austen productions on PBS and I agree she was great in the role of Jane Fairfax.
Ooh, this is wonderful news. I'm getting excited now!
And he spelled it Adelle.

Which is AFAIK (and to be 100% sure, I've just checked the sides) correct. ;-)
Brilliant. She's superb! Plus adds to the increasingly international flavour of the Dollhouse.
The only thing she's been in that I've seen is X-Men:The Last Stand but I don't remember her role. Not really a big X-Men fan, I've watched the movies for Ian McCellan, Partic Stewart and company.

No, I've never seen Rushmore, suppose I should do something about that.

Loving the enthusiasm of those who are familiar with her work. That and a Joss vote of confidence, is good enough for me. And what would a Joss show be without an English accent in the mix? (UK guys, is "British accent" more correct?)
English accent is better, seeing as Britain includes England, Scotland, and Wales.
She's blink and miss it in 'X-Men 3' Shey though you see a bit more of her in the post-credits coda (she plays Dr Moira McTaggart - with a Scottish accent. Ish ;).

English accent is fine BTW (assuming she doesn't go with another UK regional accent). "British accent" could mean anything from Giles (England) to Begbie (from 'Trainspotting', Scotland) to Gwen (from 'Torchwood', Wales) and possibly to James Nesbitt (from 'Jekyll', Northern Ireland) - NI is definitely in the UK but some might argue it's not part of Britain.

(an English accent is a British accent of course, just as a Texan accent is an American one, but it's maybe not quite specific enough. And of course, there's English accents and there's English accents from Geordie to Cockney to Yorkshire to Cornish to home counties/south-east England. No offence to any west country readers though but I doubt Cornish is quite the sort of thing Joss is looking for ;)
So is Adele the Dollhouse Lilah/Gwendolyn Post?
Thanks Saje that was .... um, enlightening. ;-) I'll stick with "English", keeping in mind that there are as many regional variations as in the U.S.

And if Gwen/Eve Myles' accent is Welsh, that has to be my favorite, it's lovely and musical, kind of enchanting.
Fond of the Scottish as well, I hate that Craig Ferguson is losing his.
You're welcome ;). Yeah, Gwen's accent (I say "Gwen's" because I don't think i've actually heard Eve Myles speak) is very lilting, sort of like a Highlands accent, I also like it. Course, there are variations within Wales too but they don't really stand out to my non-Welsh ears.

So is Adele the Dollhouse Lilah/Gwendolyn Post?

I've not read the sides or anything Simon but she strikes me as a bit less an outright villain and a bit more an ambivalent, damaged character so maybe more a grown up Faith than either of those two ?

Could be wrong of course, like I say i've avoided learning much about the show pre-air.
Cool. Someone I know (unlike the previously announced actors) and she's good.
Holy crap, this is great casting.

I loved her in Rushmore!
Yeah, Spaced. Augurs well.
Also, pronounceable and spellable name.
Lets just have her normal accent though please?

Then I glanced down the page and noticed Ted Danson's name which was a momentary shock.
Ted Danson was brilliant in last year's Damages and luckily he is returning to his role this year.
Very talented, and absolutely gorgeous. Wonderful news.
TvGuide and Variety have also confirmed the casting of Olivia!

This cast is shaping up quite nicely, methinks.
So this means just one regular left to cast and two reoccuring. Exciting!

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So the only main person left is Boyd Langton, the father-figure.

Can I hear an Anthony Stewart Head or Ron Glass please?

As for November...let's go with an unknown.

Dr. Claire Saunders...hmm. Gina Torres, Stephanie Romanov, or Juliet Landau would all be great. Or we could make her just slightly younger and go with Amy Acker! Come on, Amy Acker...

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