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April 03 2008

Omaha, NE Serenity Midnight screenings Fri & Sat.

4/4/08 4/5/08
Dundee Theatre
4952 Dodge Street, Omaha, NE 68132, 402-551-3595

If a lot of people show up, maybe you all can have a Serenity Charity Screening in 2008 And make sure everybody knows about and all the other shiny stuff going on!

I was just about to post this. I can't wait -- I'm marathoning through my Firefly DVDs as we speak, and I'm seeing both showings of Serenity.
Do you think there are many Browncoats in Nebraska? I went looking for a yahoo group but didn't find any. Also checked
Plenty of Browncoats in Nebraska.
I'm another from Nebraska. I wish I could make it, but sadly will not. Playin' a gig across town.

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Hey, I've actually heard of your band. I think you were on my website when I had one for local music in Lincoln.

Anyway, I'm not even in NE anymore (IA now), but there are definitely enough fans in the Omaha/Lincoln area to fill up that theater. I know back a few years ago I found 10 Omaha people in about 10 minutes willing to trek to KC just to see a Serenity preview.
KC's nothin'. I went to Chicago.
Grew up about 10 blocks from there, a great old movie house although last time I was there--heck, throughout my entire childhood--it was in need of renovation. Hope the Browncoats in attendance get good picture and sound, it can be spotty there.

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