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April 03 2008

XKCD and Summer Glau together again. The webcomic shows us a unique way to namedrop.

Ooooh, you're right, thanks, I'll change that.
This reminds me ... have we seen formal confirmation that the show has been picked up for a second season yet?
I just checked xkcd and saw that. it's made of win, as they say around the interwebs.
I love xkcd.Always so entertaining.
This reminds me ... have we seen formal confirmation that the show has been picked up for a second season yet?

Nothing official yet, but Dekker has said things are moving for S2, and there's rumours about directors being set up for the first block of episodes, so it all sounds positive.
Don't forget to check the mouseover text for the extra win
I love XKCD
Hee, funny and inspirational ;).
I still want to see his movie idea get filmed: Summer Glau Kills Everyone.

(And I'm only half kidding. It could be like a Being John Malkovich thing! Summer Glau kills everyone!)
I find it cool that you mentioned Being John Malkovich, as I just recently saw (and loved) that movie for the first time. Charlie Kaufman is fast becoming my favourite screenwriter.

More on topic, however, I saw this earlier, because I <3 XKCD. Very possibly the funniest comic on the web.
Hilar-sterical. I almost wee'd.
I love XKCD. Even when its not laugh-out-loud funny, it makes you feel good by making references only you will get.
Wait a minute, are you saying you get those references too Resolute ? That completely ruins it for me.

xkcd ++

Proof that great drawing skill is not needed to create great art.

(It may be that he has great drawing skill, and demonstrates this by appearing not to use it; I don't know.)
If you check out his earliest posts, his drawing skill is actually pretty good.

But I prefer the stick figures, myself.
So now you know that everyone who sees this comic is going to start doing this.
I've actually seen people do this!!
It's all kinds of awesome

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