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April 04 2008

Operation Full Burn: Liftoff! about to begin. Simply put, a Fan-led project to draw attention to UniversalHD's re-showing of Firefly as a weekly Series in HD. It's a way of waving our arms at Universal and saying, "Look! We're still here!" :).

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I didn't think Firefly was filmed in HD? Seems to me like it would have seemed, at the time, an unnecessary expense, especially given all the CG effects...?
No it wasn't but it was filmed i.e. it was originally shot in widescreen on 35mm stock which means they can remaster the print to true HD.

At the time it was first talked about there was speculation that it was just upsampled but that turned out not to be the case.
There was some discussion of it having been filmed on 35mm and what the options were for it being shown in HD on at least two other occasions.
Some of it is upscaled - the VFX, chiefly, which I don't believe were rendered in high def originally. It still looks the business, though.
I already recorded HD Serenity a week or two ago on HBO in preparation to rewatch after I rewatch all of Firefly on Universal HD starting this week. WOOHOO!
I would care more if I had HD.
Thanking Universal by showing up on the website is the basic point here. Uni HD isn't available where I live (yet), but I'm gonna show up online. Just to let Uni know they're appreciated, and to say "Hi" to all my BC friends. Reeaally curious to see how many folks show up! :)

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