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April 04 2008

Check out the Movie/TV Quote of the Day on IMDB. I think the answer is King Lear, but I could be wrong ;)

Grr, arrgh! I messed up the link. It's fixed :)
Do we get bonus points if we can name the episode?
Ahh.. one of my favorite episodes of the second season. Very funny. I especially loved it when even Drusila fell in love with Xander and defended him from Angelus. That was a small twist I wasn't expecting. The arguing between the girls (and Jenny) in the library was also quite amusing. Plus, you get the payoff at the end with Cordelia telling off her "friends," allowing her character to develop some.
I watched it on Valentine's Day, on my own. First it made me really sad. By the end I was laughing hysterically :-)
You're a sheep!
Ah, I noticed this too!

Great episode, definitely one of my personal favorites. And as Xander later admits, though the experience was totally wrong and terrifying, it was kind of hot.

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For a moment there, micro, I thought you were serious.

I'm slow sometimes. :)

I would love to be Xander with a memory like that. ;)
What I'm seeing is from The Bridges of Madison County...
This is why we don't link to the front page of IMDB. Anyhow seeing as it's Friday I've changed the link to the quote in question.
Simon, in defense to micro's posting, the quote was at the very bottom of the page. Usually when I can't find the stuff linked here, I keep scrolling until something looks familiar.

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