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April 04 2008

"PS I Love You" DVD for pre-order on Amazon. It's scheduled for release on May 6, 2008. Now available for pre-order from Amazon. reviews gives special kudos to supporting cast, which includes our own James Marsters.

I read some woeful reviews of this movie. Nothing bad about Mr Marsters but just about the plot and the leads.
It was a pretty good movie - for a romantic comedy/drama. James did a good job but he's really not in it that much.
The Boston Globe called it "blithly inept." The New York Post called it "A protracted piece of schmaltz." The New York Times favored it, though, with, " it has a curious morbid quality."
Even though this isn't my type of movie, at all, I looked forward to seeing James on the big screen. But alas, it did not come to any theater near me. I am now looking forward to buying the DVD (to support my guy) and didn't I hear that there was a big scene with James that was cut? If so, hopefully it will be in the deleted scenes.

BTW: My very first successful post. Weee!!
The film is okay, not your glitzy romantic story but rather a more simplistic one with a predictable end (are there any romance stories that aren't?)
I've seen it, wasn't too impressed, but will buy it for James.

Yes, I am pathetic.

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