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June 12 2003

Heads up, Aussies: Angel 'Orpheus' Crossover Ep Screens Tonight on Channel 7 A heads up for Aussie 'Angel' & 'Buffy' fans: The Angel crossover episode 'Orpheus' featuring Alyson Hannigan (Willow) screens tonight on Channel 7 at 10.30pm.

[ edited by xanfan on 2003-06-12 11:05 ]

So all the unspoiled Aussies are now spoilt?
No, we saw "Lies My Parents Told Me" on Tuesday (or Monday, I think, for those of us not in Adelaide), so we know Willow's there.
Weird that your show starts in the middle of the hour: 10:30 pm? Huh.
Re: Un/Spoilt Aussies

Hence why I didn't put a spoilery-linky thing in, and why I mentioned Aly/Willow was guesting. =)
Most 1hr shows start at half-past the hour in Oz. Just...because. Oh, and Orpheus was A.W.E.S.O.M.E. :)

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