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April 04 2008

Tahmoh Penikett mentions Dollhouse during interview. In an interview about the end of Battlestar Galactica Tahmoh Penikett makes a mention of his role on Dollhouse and says he's looking forward to working with Joss and Eliza.

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First ever interview with a cast member. Very cool.
He's delightful.
Sci-fi fan. Philip K. Dick.

Yep, he'll fit right in.
Might have helped if they'd spelled his name right, but er....
Fixed the spelling.
Wow, I can't believe it premiers tonight, after all this time.
I am so looking forward to this show! Joss and Eliza are picking just a perfect cast.

Just curious, has any of the former Buffyverse writers signed on as of yet? I've been a little out of the loop as of late.
Two Angel writers have been drafted. Fain and Craft, I think their names are.
"Joss is the biggest there is."

Oh, I'm excited. I just started watching BSG because of him and liked it.

Can't wait to see DOLLHOUSE. Hopefully they'll release some scenes from the pilot next month at the upfronts.
First ever interview with a cast member. Very cool.

Well, surely Eliza's said some stuff?
I wonder if he's seen Buffy or Firefly. Good to know he knows the Whedon reputation.

This is gonna be AWESOME!!! Yes. It is.
Oh he is yummy!

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