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April 04 2008

IGN's Top 50 Chicks Behaving Badly - Faith comes in at nine. IGN's list of the most evil females in fiction.

Just nine? I thought she deserved a little higher. It's nice to see the Number Six love though.
And in 21st position comes another very well known Whedon alumni in a role that managed to seduce every single guy born in the 80's I'm sure...
Born in the 70's as well... That scene is imprinted in my head, uh, including the um.. details..
My ISP is playing silly buggers with me at the moment and I can't view the site. So I'm curious to know who is at number 21.
It's "Kathryn Merteuil" Simon, SMG's character from 'Cruel Intentions'.

And I wasn't born in the 80s but it was still a pretty seductive performance, albeit with a feeling of a dangerous girl wearing her mother's "big shoes" and pretending to be a dangerous woman. Reckon if she'd run into e.g. Lauren Bacall from 'The Big Sleep' then they'd never have got the Merteuil out of the carpet ;).
Kathryn Merteuil from Cruel intentions as played by SMG.

ETA, heh, Saje must have beat me on seconds.

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Is it just me, or would anyone else prefer they didn't use the word "chicks"? How about the most evil WOMEN in fiction? I could totally see Faith kicking some smirking teenage boy *ss for calling her a chick.
No, it's not just you.
I would take that butt-whipping just to have Faith touch me. ;)
Yeah, I couldn't find a button to get out of the Top Ten either. And I only saw a bit of that movie but yeah, it can be memorable for downslide Boomers (late '55) as well. But personally I prefer what Faith became, as I'm addicted to the future

If I finish and sell my screenplay and it gets the ideal cast, it'll have Bacall playing SMG's grandmother, kind of appropriate now I think on it.
I'm pretty sure the Alien Queen wouldn't appreciate being called a chick either. Or a woman, for that matter. Luckily I don't think she speaks English, so we're good.

I would have liked to see Faith placed a little higher too, but maybe the whole redemption thing got in the way of that. And no Glory either. Glory was an awesome villainess, I would have liked to see her in the top 50. Still, a fun list nonetheless.
"Evil" isn't a word I would use to describe Faith. I don't think she was evil, even at her most destructive / self-destructive.
I agree, alien lanes . One of the most appealing things for me about Joss Whedon's work is that the villains are rarely treated as utterly evil, they are always given some humanising traits. The relationship between the Mayor and Faith was very affecting, since they were both so alone and obviously needed that companionship. When the Mayor was looking down at Faith in the hospital bed after the fight with Buffy, you couldn't help but feel his pain, bad guy or not. I think Faith rather made awful choices than became evil, as such.
SMG's grandmother, that sounds rather tasty! Please keep working on it;)
I agree with them on Faith's rank. If she had stayed evil, she would well be within the top 5, but since her killing & lack of caring actually contributed to society, that gives her minus points.

And, yes, I'm quite upset that X-3 didn't get a real hold on Dark Phoenix. :(
I was upset that in X-Men 3 the Dark Phoenix/Wolverine climax seemed to be ripped off almost directly from Dark Willow/Xander in Season 6 of Buffy.

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