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April 05 2008

'The music is about as addictive as World of Warcraft'. Dynamic Forces interviews Felicia Day about a number of things, including (of course) Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog.

That's a great interview. She is just amazing. The Guild ranks pretty much top on my list of funniest vids on YouTube. Can't wait to see Felicia in Dr. Horrible.
Great interview.

She's amazingly beautiful, as well.
She made some comment about how she usually doesn't get to be the sexy one, and I said to myself, "Well, why on earth not?"
I'm not sure she could be any more awesome if she tried. Great interview.
I play a fairy and itís SO FUNNY and the CGI work is breathtaking, especially for a webisode.

As it's a Legend of Zelda parody, does that mean she's going to be one of these? Only less pixely? Awesome.

Can't wait for Dr. Horrible.
My geek love - so much different than greek love - and not at all reminiscent of a very old, nearly forgotten, smoted city - is fully hatching. Nay, a shard of crystal, a crystalline shard. Yes, one of those. An experiment one of those. Being...swathed and basked in a continuous stream of Barry White tunes to determine the effects of his sweet, soulful, sinful music upon the thrusting nature of crystalline formation. Like a dip of Oh-oh's in my 80's.

Erm, she's lovely.
Wow. While reading this, I kept thinking "I would love to be friends with this gal!" She just seems like such an awesome person; it's so cool to think of someone as gorgeous as her reading fantasy, playing games (though I think I would beat her at Guitar Hero), and being a real person.

So very excited about Dr. Horrible...though I fear the time when I'll be humming incessantly and my classmates will want to poke me with pencils. They already barely humor me on days after I've rewatched OMWF.
It's official... I have to marry her! :) She's such a sweetie pie.
I can say the music is about as addictive as World of Warcraft.

WoW. Really? The game that my brother eats, sleeps and studies in front of? I gotta tell him that and make him watch Dr.HSAB then.

Darn it. I thought I couldn't wait for this before. I was wrong. Now I can't.
Felicia is the perfect specimen of the very rare niche of nerd sexy. Tres nerd, tres sexy. Love her.
Hmm, I hadn't heard about the Felicia/Sarah Thompson match-up in Dear Me. But enthused to hear FD plays D&D - my daughter has been urging me to start DM-ing again (after 27 or so years) because she and her friends want to play. Blimey, the rules might have changed a bit since I were a lad . . .
Yeah, the D&D rules have changed heaps. Version 3.5 now, I think. I'm in a similar position, SNT, my daughter is getting into D&D and wants to set up her own group. I've been helping her out, but all my books are way out of date. Still think the second edition rules were better than these newfangled ones, grumble grumble...
"Felicia is the perfect specimen of the very rare niche of nerd sexy."

Its not rare. There are plenty of nerds that are sexy. A lot of them don't openly admit their nerds like Felicia though. So I guess she is part of the rare sexy nerds who are open about it.

Blair Butler is open about her nerdity and she's very attractive. She does the Fresh Ink (Comic Book Reviews) and Geek Out segments on G4's Attack of the Show. And on her podcast for Fresh Ink she expresses her love for Buffy Season 8 whenever its relevant. :)

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