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April 06 2008

James Marsters is coming to Dragon*Con 2008! I was just checking the official list on the con's website again, and look who was just added!

Along with soon-to-be Atlantis cast Robert Picardo, if you're a Stargate fan thanks to Jewel.

Marsters filmed the new Richard LaGravenese film PS I Love You as co-lead, opposite Hillary Swank and Gerard Butler, based on the best-selling novel by Cecilia Ahem. Scheduled to be released in December 2007, the film will... He is currently back in the studio working on his second solo album.

I think they need to update their info... Plus, this has been on his website for a little over a week now. Glad they finally confirmed it, though!
Had such an excellent time seeing him at Dragon Con last year. Am totally stoked that we will get to do it all again this year. My cup runneth over.
Sweet. I was already planning on going, and this makes it's sweeter.
"I think they need to update their info..."

You think there might be Dragon Con goers who would care that he has completed filming on Dragonball rather than that he was in PS I Love You? Yeah, I guess it is a possibility. /sarcasm
I would dearly love to see PS I Love You cosplay. I think that's an untapped genre right there.
I can't believe that, for once, I live close enough to attend! Off to see if I can figure out how to get away for four days.

@Simon - we were totally going to do that! All your dreams are dead. ;)

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