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August 09 2002

Buffy Chocolate Bars There's a chocolate bar for every character.

Well, not Dawn, Tara, and Giles. Buffy is raspberry, Willow is peanut butter, Spike is chocolate crispies, and Xander is chocolate Hurricane...oh, wait, that's caramel.

What flavor should Angel have been?

Does Buffy have a creamy center? Hee Hee. Angel should have been Special Dark chocolate. I wonder if people will collect these since eventually they go bad. Or do they just petrify? Chocolate never made it that long around me.
you could collect the wrappers, I suppose---as lisi, chocolate won't last long around me either. I am dark. I am a child of the night. I hunger for------chocolate. ;) mwaaaaaahaaaahaaaaa!
If I eat these, will I start acting like an irresponsible teenager?
Don't eat the chocolate eggs, whatever you do!
Angel flavour... must be cheese.
stinky cheese, prolific? ;)
If I eat these, will I start acting like an irresponsible teenager? Toddster, I wish I had thought of that! ;D
I know. I can't believe I forgot about Band Candy when I posted that.
It's okay. I just think about candy a lot.

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