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April 06 2008

"Wesley Wyndham-Price" warns City Council of possible zombie attack. City Creek is vulnerable to attack, apparently.

Good story! Salt Lake City - funny AND beautiful.
Oh my God. That is ingenious.
Have to admire a guy that plays an April Fool on his entire local council. Glad they saw the funny side or he wasn't going to get his bin emptied for the foreseeable future :)
That is TOO funny. I love that they actually played along with it.
I love it that "Wesley Wyndham-Price" is a Georgia transplant (my home state). I wonder if he has a British accent or a Southern drawl. :)
Yeah, funny, but it should be Wyndham-Pryce.
Garim, I've seen "Wyndham-Pryce" and "Wyndam-Pryce" (on IMDb), and I don't know which one is correct. I was quoting the news story's spelling in my previous comment.

Does anyone here know the canon spelling?
Nice. Would've been even nicer had no one picked up on the pseudonym.
I've always been under the impression it was 'Wyndam-Pryce.' That's the way closed-captioning shows it, anyway.
Not that it doesn't have its share of typos, but Angel:The Casefiles has it as Wyndam-Pryce. As does "The Watcher's Guide" vol. 2.

Hee! Books! With real paper! Giles would be so proud!
I love that someone did this, and that his real name is shrouded in mystery and legend. He is my hero for today. (ETA: scare quotes around probable misspelling of the name)

BTW, is this really our 16,000th thread? Wowzers.
That is very clever. Sitting through Council meetings can be pretty dry. Felt like a zombie a few times but never had to re-draft the City's emergency plan to protect against them. Very fun.
Well like the saying goes its all fun and games until someone gets eaten by a zombie.
It is "Wyndam-Pryce," though they spell it wrong in the comic (which irked me I admit).
Gotta love this:

"Then he got specific and all reason helicoptered into the ether."

I'm sure I'll use that.
Nathan says everybody should have a zombie plan.
The spelling error was almost worth it to validate the question "is he related to Vincent Price?" Classic.
Ok. That made my day!! Brilliant, and kudos the the mad genius that came up with that idea. Well played, Wesley, well played my friend...
Oh, those wacky Mormons, first they try to convince us Mitt Romney is Presidential timber, now this, I just don't know what to expect from them next.

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