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April 06 2008

2008 Serenity charity screenings now in 34 cities. 36 Screenings, 3 Countries, 17 US States, 5 Aussie States, 3 Canadian Provinces!

They have set a goal of 55 cities this year and $150,000. So if your city is not listed there, dont give up hope.
2008 - Want to hold a screening? Start here

TX, Houston Raised $4,010 already. (featuring Cedric from the Bedlam Bards)
TX, Dallas/Fort Worth (Special Guest: Tim Minear)

yeah Boston has 2 showings count'm 2 showings
I'm really hoping someone will be taking over the planning for me this year for Champaign, IL. I've put out a request on our my space page. I'm having a baby that weekend...then moving out of state a month later. Needless to say, no can do with the planning of CSTS. I REALLY hope this happens!!! Kudos to all the 36 screenings set so far! YAY!!!
I'm soo excited already. I've already pre-ordered my tickets for the Dallas showing. Going to try to help raise local awareness and get others to buy tickets.
As soon as they post a date for Denver, I'll be there with PayPal in hand, or metaphors to that effect :)
Congratulations, Harmalicious!
Yes, Congrats Harmalicious. Here's hoping it's a bouncing baby Browncoat
(How could it not be?), and I'm hopin' you do get someone to take over
CSTS in Champaign. Remember, I'm the one who drove all the way from
Bloomington IN to lead your sing-along! :)
It was really cool to see a ad for this in this weeks is of Buffy.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Baltimore or Washington DC.

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