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April 07 2008

Website for "Repo the Genetic Opera" is up. Info on the horror/musical starring Anthony Head as Repoman.

Anthony Stewart Head doesn't look much like Giles in this!

I read a review of it, it doesn't look as bad as I thought it would be.
I'm so excited about this film. Anthony Stewart Head + Musical is awesome.

That being said, I'm not a fan of the director's other films (the Saw franchise), and it stars Paris Hilton too, who to my knowledge at least is not a very good actor, let alone singer...
Oooh. ASH scares me in the trailer... must watch! Yeah, Simon, it does put the IF in iffy, and I am a bit nervous about asking my friends & family to join me.

However, I was also nervous when I went to watch Grindhouse. Even through my brother was creeped out that I would enjoy such a thing, I did.

Final Verdict: I'll watch it. Perhaps I can fit it into a movie marathon at the theater, so who ever is whith me won't notice...
Oooh. ASH scares me in the trailer...

Does make one grateful that Giles never became vampified. That would've been SCARY.
Despite my better judgement and a complete lack of interest in torture porn movies, I REALLY want to see this. The music, the shiny black clothing, the Gilesy goodness...

*sigh* So much to hate, so much to love.
If Sweeny Todd and Rocky Horror had a bastard love child with the fashion sense of Blade Runner and the cinematography of a bad Sarah Brightman music video... and yet, I really really want to see it. This movie could go either way, but the more I poked around on the site the more I think maybe I will like it after all. This could be the next Rocky Horror. (Imagine if ASH instead of Tim Curry was in the movie version ^_^)
Marion the Geek First - ROFLOL! What a description! I watched the trailer when it was first released, and hunted around on YouTube for some behind-the-scenes footage and...I'm oddly intrigued. There does actually seem to be a plot to this movie, and, from I can recall, Paris isn't in it that much.

As for RHPS...umm...younger Tony maybe. No disrespect to the man - I adore him - but...there is a certain age when fishnet stockings and leather jackets...oh, dear. I just went to a scary visual place.

barboo Actually, when I told Tony about the fanfic I was working on that did just that, his eyes lit up and he said, "Ooh!" He always wanted Giles to "go dark."

For such a sweet man, he does freaky-nasty-evil very good. I shudder whenever the screencaps of Mr. Finch (From the Dr. Who eppy "School Reunion") come up on my screensaver. I think it's the eyes. (And the slicked-back hair, for some reason, makes him even eviler-looking.)
This movie (sans the Paris Hilton casting -- darnit, and she sings too!) is made for me. I love off-Broadway musicals; ASH is in it and playing a baddie; and the horror looks like it was done for comedic effect rather than outright torture porn. I hope it rides that fine line between sick and utterly disgusting: that's my emotional address!

Funny + horror + musical + ASH = I've been bugging friend and family to see this with me!
Marion the Geek & ShadowQuest, as far as ASH in fishnets & a leather jacket go... well... check here.

*My first link!

Skips hand in hand with dottikin to the movies...
korkster Yeah. Been there, trying to forget it, thanks.

Love the man. Do wonder about some of his roles, though.

Oh well. He had a good time, so who am I to question? And I've never really seen him perform that role, other than singing "Sweet Transvestite" at Motor City Buffy. Shadow smiles fondly at the memory of the high kick he did at the end...

I know no one I know would go see this, so I'll just have to save up some money from my UE checks and treat myself. I saw Imagine Me & You when it came out. Be nice to see him up on the big screen again.

As for my earlier comment...I was thinking of actor Joss Ackland in Craig Ferguson's I'll Be There. Where they found leather pants that size...
Marion the Greek; Umm, I know Frank N. Furter is a heavy-makeup character but I don't think a guy in his early 20s could do him convincingly in a big-time professional version like a feature, and Tony's not much older than I am. I first saw The Rocky Picture Horror Movie or whatever it's called when I was 23 and the whole "midnight shownomenon" was already well established by then, even a bit past its real primetty-prime.

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