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April 07 2008

"Nothing But Red" now available for purchase. This anthology of literary and visual arts was inspired by Joss' post about the killing of Dua Khalil. All profits go to Equality Now.

The press release for this book can be found here.

Awesome. I put my purchase in for a print. But only $6 for download? Awesome.
I just bought the b+w hardcopy and the color pdf download - partly because I can't wait for anything ever and partly because I certainly had to have the color version of a book called "Nothing But Red."

So far it's lovely and heartfelt and painful, and there's so much I could mention, or quote, but I've only read half of it, and I have to get back to work, so I'll just say this:

I love "her face, crimson petals" by Valentina Gnup - it's just haunting... and this, too, by Bobbi Lurie:

red cloth

we are the same world
continents away

imagination is a red cloth
unified face

regardless of origin
regardless of shape

the things we do not say
we do not do not do

the red cloth covers us

Thanks, everyone, for making this book. (And nice design, skyla.)

(I did my whedonesque remembrance for Du'a on the other thread, but I'll post a link to it here...
I wanted to thank all those that made the book, and Joss - who challenged us to do something, anything but be a bystander to the horror that humanity demonstrated a year ago today.

We are thinking of you Du'a today, as we look up at the sky...
Thanks, QuoterGal. :-) My biggest regret is that we couldn't do the print book in colour as well, because some of the art is stunning.

For anyone interested, there are a handful of pieces available online (authors and artists retain full copyright and can do what they like with the work). A Heartfelt Appeal to His Majest King Abdullah II of Jordan by Ellen R. Sheeley is available at the ICAHK site. Say You Are My Sister is an art piece by Leigh Dragoon. You can find my foreword to the book online as well.

There are a number of pieces that look at honour killings, but many more look at misogyny and violence against women in general. Lilith Saintcrow has an essay about how rape is treated as a property crime, Hanne Blank has a Take Back the Night Keynote Address that she wrote. There's a wonderful variety of work and I'm so proud to have been a part of it. :-)
Is Joss' essay included in this book? Who wrote the forward? That's what I want to know and can't find out from that site.
esg: Yes, and Skyla.
I'm about a quarter of the way through my PDF copy and looking forward to receiving the print version. Skyla and everyone else who worked on this collection did an amazing job. I'm happy that I was able to contribute to this book and am honored to stand in such fine company.
What was the issue on color for the print edition? Price point? I had something up via Lulu once upon a time, but I don't recall the specifics (I've since started tinkering with Blurb instead.)
b!X - Yeah, the cost. There's a standard binding fee, then it's $0.02 per page for black and white and $0.15 per page if it's colour (and you can't do just a couple of pages in colour--if you choose the colour option, you pay for every page). Now of course, the book is print-on-demand, so it's not like we had to pay for a print run, but at over three hundred pages, we doubted anyone would want to pay the full colour price.

And though it's already been answered, yes, we received approval to use Joss's essay in the book (it's the first piece).

Thank you to everyone who has supported the book--I'm going to be updating the NBR site monthly with total sales and total money raised, so stay tuned for that. :-)
Congratulations to everyone involved. I'm pondering print vs. digital at the moment. Question for those involved: does Equality Now receive more money from one or the other? Or are they priced so that it's equal?
They're priced so that it's about equal. I'm happy to break it down, if anyone is interested: the base cost of the print book is $10.79. With the retail price set at $15.95, $4.13 goes to EN, while Lulu takes a $1.03 commission. The eBook has no base price. At $5.95, $4.76 goes to EN, and Lulu takes a commission of $1.19.

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Ok, thanks. I was leaning toward the digital version but would have picked the book if there was a big difference.

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