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April 07 2008

"Conversations with Dead People" board. Dark Horse is releasing a Buffy-style Ouija board in September for $29.99.

If it can't psychoanalyze me in a graveyard while whistling Blue at the same time, I'm not buying it.
I don't touch Ouija boards. No sir. Thems some bad mojo.
SOOOO creeped out. SOOOO buying it. Will look great next to my Scythe replica. Yes, I know, I'm boasting.
For real? I'm just laughing myself silly here. For $29.99, it might just be worth the hassle it will cause me to get it out of cutsoms hock. 'Course if the marker is made of plastic, it's probably not worth it. Doubt it's possible to channel through plastic.
As long as Joel Grey isn't selling it to me, I think it will be ok . . .
Well, as merchandising goes i've seen a more tenuous connection to the show. Don't rightly recall where right now but I bet I have ... ;-)

Word to the wise BTW, if you sit down with some friends to play with one of these and you keep pushing the thing to freak people out it's crucial to know when to stop cos if and when they find out it was you all along, you WILL get punched. Trust me on this ;).

(I know it's nearly a week later but I suppose there's no chance this could've been up since April 1st ?)
Is it still April 1st? (And if not, why not?)
That's... actually pretty fabulous. I think I want one. ;)
That's just gloriously tacky.

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I am in love with this.

Eh, it may be a tenuous connection...but it fits the attitude of the show for me, at least. I must have this.
It's a hoot - truly it is - but do I need one?

*thinks about all the other places her money could go...*

*wonders how you get a job thinking up stuff like this.*

*remembers that it's probably a marketing job and decides to skip it this go 'round...*
If it can't psychoanalyze me in a graveyard while whistling Blue at the same time, I'm not buying it.

Well, I'm just sayin', if it's a "Conversations with Dead People" board, I want the full experience. Oh, and I want the ghost of my mother to appear too, should anything fatal happen to her.
That is terribly cute.
For ultra dorks (I can say that as I do have the scythe among other ultra dork pieces of my own.)
As far as ouija bords go, they do creep me out but then I just think of Morrissey in the woods singing and then everything isn't quite so bad.
It kinda reminds me of Darth Potato; it has nothing actually to do with the property but its still some how perfectly appropriate.
I approve.
This may be the most insane licensed product I've ever seen. I'm both confused and amused. Seriously doubt if I'll buy one, in fact as far as potential Buffy related products go this is about the last thing that would have been on my wish list, but... wow.
Now I find myself wondering if it has a connection to Season 8, and if so, who Willow will be talking to... Nope, not really wondering. I KNOW who she'd be talking to. :)
I KNOW who she'd be talking to. :)

The licensing people at 20th Century Fox if she had any sense :p. I mean bloody hell, I've seen some weird and wonderful merchandising in my time (chocolate bars, Spike panties) but this really does take the biscuit.
This is just stupid...
I would like this more if it had... Buffyness. It's not tacky. Tackiness would actually redeem it a bit.

Spike panties

Oh, I wish I thought you were joking there.
Before I was ever involved in this fandom, my partner gave> me some Buffy-chocolate bars for Christmas, since it beautifully combined two things that I love. They tasted pretty good, and though I don't remember what they were now, the various flavours seemed to be matched to their respective characters quite well. I was amused and well-fed.

There should have been Spike chocolate edible panties. I think.
Just when I thought I'd seen it all, along comes... this.

I'd buy it, but since it IS a 'Conversations with Dead People' board, I hold grave fears that the First will try to use it to convince me to top myself. Or possibly, take over the world.

And he'll use the form of my dead, lesbian, witchy lover to make it more convincing.
Well, since my last ouiji board mysteriously burst into flame I suppose I do require another one. I just hope this one doesn't fling itself around the room as much as the old one.

Also, I'm pretty certain there should be an image of Giles, looking over his glasses and clucking like a chicken to voice his disappointment in any ouiji dabbling.
Is it sad to admit that I still have the BtVS chocolate bar wrappers (minus the chocolate) tucked away in a drawer.

If I need an excuse, well, I'm saving them in case I run out of bookmarks.

The Willow bar had the nicest flavour, as I recall...
I'd be interested to hear what Joss has to say about this. I mean, licensed products are one thing, but this seems to actually be aimed specifically at people who truly believe in the supernatural, which, as I understand it, Joss kind of doesn't. I don't wanna use the word "wrong", but isn't this kind of like putting the name of a non-smoker on a pack of cigarettes?

Chocolate-wise...did Willow taste like strawberries, or was Rack lying?
Rack was apparently a big fat liar...

A Rack candy bar would have tasted like lies and licorice.
Have to agree with pat32082; I've seen people get badly messed up by these things.
Danger, danger, Will Robinson!!
Aw, so much naysaying! I am something of a Ouija connoisseur; a devious babysitter introduced me and a friend during a sleepover by having us make our own-- hours of fun entertainment. When I got my first bonafide Parker Brothers Ouija (tm), sleepovers were never the same for several years.

Since the Ouija time of my life segued nicely into the Buffy side, I would ADORE one of these boards for just about a bajillion reasons. I've actually been in the market for a nice, wood, handmade "spirit board" and I'm not even at all one of those occulty people. I just have very fond memories of the days I spent at eleven whittling stakes, stringing up garlic, and sending my sleepover friends screaming from the room by moving the dial.

I have to have this, naturally. I love it. I think the design kicks ass. And dark horse released a really nice "hellboy" ouija awhile back (solid wood WITH case) that had all the ouija collectors' attention. If only they would have gone all out for the Buffy board... However my old PB board has long since lost its dial, so consider this board definitely mine. I need it.
*Game board for entertainment purposes only.

featuring all-new comic panels

What the wha'? What does "all-new" mean, I ask myself. Exclusive to this item?

And more importantly, who wrote it? And who drew-ded it?

I see it now, tucked away under the board, and a comic instruction sheet could be amusant - but what does it all mean?

I'm already entertained by it.

has a redirect link to
How bizarre. I really don't know what to make of this. Maybe it's all the ghost stories I read growing up, but I don't trust enough that there isn't bad mojo connected to the Ouija board. I wouldn't even have this in my house -- though I think it would make a hilarious conversation piece -- for fear that one day my religious mother would visit and come across it, then proceed to freak out on me.

I wonder if this is going to turn a bunch of Buffy fans into Dark Willows.

[ edited by electricspacegirl on 2008-04-08 06:39 ]
I always thought the bad mojo was connected to the particular nut job that got invited in, not necessarily to the board itself.

Even more pressing though - Darth Potato? Spike panties? How did I miss these things? Were they his or hers?
In the interests of rational enquiry i'm almost tempted to get several of these and secrete them about my house so that in a year's time either I (if I survive) or all the "bad mojo" folks (if a terrible, eldritch fate befalls me in the interim) get to jump up and down and say "I told you so" ;-).
I used a ouija board for years before I got bored with it (and the friends I used to use it with moved away.) Never saw any sort of "bad mojo," and had a lot of fun with them - even had one I made in high school wood shop, which I gave to one of those friends when they left. They're just painted pasteboard/wood/plastic, nothing any more special about the boards themselves than there is about tarot cards. Like lots of other things though, there are people who should probably stay away from them (even if their board partners are just punking them, which is 99% likely...)
I want one so I can turn it into a coffee/side table. Yay! Wacky, Buffy-themed, home decor, crafty fun!
Screw this.

When will they market the Innocence Rocket Launcher?
I'm surprised they made chocolate bars out of our characters. To me, the "Band Candy" chocolate bars would have been a better choice. I mean, come on, what's better than turning serious people into teenagers???

Why are they even associated "Conversations with Dead People" to a ouija board? Alright, I get the title, but wouldn't be more appropriate to just say "Buffy" in general? They didn't use ouija boards in CWDP... ?

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