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April 08 2008

James Marsters, Tom Lenk & Elisabeth Rohm at Burbank Grand Slam. All are guests at the Creation Grand Slam convention this weekend (Apr. 12-13).

:( Why do I always have a test when i want to see me some james?
Oh geez, I can't even count on two hands the number of guests attending that I'd like to meet or at least see in person. Darn you, work! *fistshake*
Let me check my schedule. tests. No work. Right...I'll be there!
Yeah I'm pretty excited about this one. Not only James but I'm a classic Trek fan too. I'm really looking forward to the new movie which is a bit odd because I've never watched any other Trek but the orignal series.

I think I read though that Lenk and Rohm will be sharing a stage. Kind of strange in that they were never on any show together. Should be interesting though.
Nimoy, huh? Would be worth it to go just for him alone. And Plakson - loved K'ehleyr. Marsters, of course, would be a treat.

And I needs me one 'a them TNG20 hats. :)
Oh my! I've been to two Creation events and had a great time. I will definitely be there. Did anyone see in 'upcoming events' that there will be a Firefly/Serenity salute in Nov.? I just joined so I don't know if that's already been posted. Pretty exciting stuff!
Xane; I recall seeing a shot of guests from a con in the defunct Buffy magazine; the only oens Ir ecognized were MErcedes, Andy, Robia, Clare, I think James Leary, the others were froms easons I ahdn't watched. I wondered what kind of script Joss could write with only that cast for 44 minutes. So, Tom and Elisabeth on one stage, not unusual, I guess they're "the Whedonverse panel."

(Heck, Julie said she's become quite close with Mercedes and Clare as result of con work even tho they never appeared on-screen together. This part of the world has its own dynamic.)

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