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April 08 2008

Buffy Season 8 wins industry awards. According to the Blog@Newsarama, "Buffy the Vampire Slayer #1 was named Comic Book of the Year Under $3 and Licensed Comic of the Year" at Diamond's 2007 Gem Awards.

A little bit about the awards from the Diamond website:

The Gem Awards are Diamond's annual recognition of outstanding suppliers and vendors in the comic book specialty market. Companies are nominated by a panel of Diamond product specialists on the basis of their overall impact on the industry, while comics and related merchandise are chosen on the merits of their quality, creativity and sales performance. The winners each year are voted on by comic book specialty retailers and announced in April each year.

Huh. So the awards are not for a series, but the first issue specifically. Well, it's deserved, either way. Yay!

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It's maybe a bit early to give awards based on the entire series ;).

Also of note, the "Superman/Doomsday" animated movie co-starring James Marsters and Adam Baldwin won video/DVD of the year.
I meant the 2007 issues. #1 doesn't stand out to me as particularly awesome, although in my opinion the issues so far have consistently been pretty good, and to my mind they're only getting better.
Marvel consistently outsells DC on a month to month basis this year, publishes a far greater number of top-selling and fan-favourite titles, and DC manages to get publisher of the year. I know sales aren't everything, but when the votes are from retailers, I find that interesting.
I'm guessing that Buffy #1 won those two awards mainly because the comic manage to bring in new readers who don't normally read comics. If you look at which comic won "Comic Book of the Year Over $3.00" it's Captain America #25, where Captain America died, which got a lot of news attention and once again got a lot of people who don't normally buy comics on a regular basis into a comic book store.
They should've stopped at "Comic Book of the Year."

("Comic Book of the Year Under Three Bucks"? Makes it sound like it's not in the same league as those $3.99 champs.)

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