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April 08 2008

Happy birthday, Emma Caulfield! Our favourite bunny-fearing ex-vengeance demon turns 35 today.

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Happy Birthday to Emma! She *did* portray my favorite Buffy character. Yay, bunnies!
Happy birthday from a closet Ganya shipper! :D
Happy Birthday! Thank you for playing my favorite television character of all time!
Happy birthday, Emma :) A brilliant actress, even (maybe even especially) when she really has to pee.
Happy Birthday! I really wish I had gotten her autograph at the reunion, but she left so quick!
Happy Birthday! Here's hoping you get a juicy role in a hit sitcom. You very much deserve it.
Have a ring-dang-doo of a day, Mrs. Newlyrewed!
Happy birthday Emma! And thanks for that hug at the Buffy rocked!
Weird, just yesterday I was thinking about her "I'm eleven hundred and twenty years old! Just give me a frickin' beer!" line.

Happy birthday Emma. Go out and celebrate, but hope you don't get carded.
She portrayed my second favorite character... my first favorite was Andrew. But She was on the show more than he was so yeah... :) I wish someone would cast her in a new tv show. I miss seeing her on the TV box.
Happy birthday, Emma!
Happy birthday.
Happy birthday Emma-lou(even if you are a Republican ;-)!!!
Happy birthday Ms Emma Caulfield and at least 1120 more ;).

There, I feel like in my own small way i've done something to end the senseless partisan divide in American politics. And i'm not even American (though I could be a partisan, with the right provocation ;).
Happy birthday Emma, with much love! (We'll talk about this Republican thing later.)
Hope you have a very happy birthday, you've always been my favorite!
Capt. Logic OzLady ; She's more of a Libertarian disguised as a Republican, trust me, as I have the track record to know whereof I speak. I think she's still backing Ron Paul. Of course is topped worrying baout that several primaries ago :-), tra-la-tra-ley. Plus I've heard rumors about Sarah, too, vague ones, I grant.
Happy Birthday, Emma!!! I always forget that you and my son have the same birthday. Yay!!!
Happy birthday, EC!
Happy birthday Emma, you lightend up Buffy in soo many ways. Wish I could meet you in person in my country (Holland)

Oh and go Obama!

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Happy Birthday, Emma!
Now I know why she did such a great job playing an ubercapitalist on Buffy

And great little dance that you did on the credits. It was like the Peanuts characters in Charlie Brown Chistmas.
Happy Birthday, Emma -- we'll raise a frickin' beer to your good health and many more.
A belated happy birthday, Emma! Between the moneylust and demonic nastiness, you've managed to perfectly encapsulate the Reagan administration.
Awesome name, Roland. Talkin' about the man...:-)
Here's to an awesome actress. You rock, Emma!

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