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April 08 2008

Sending A Wave podcast interview Nathan Fillion. It's a very indepth conversational style interview (so a little different from the norm) between Nathan and a fan about the 'Hero' art project, Drive and of course Firefly and other Fillion related projects. Part one of the feature is here.

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This is a very interesting and funny interview with both Nathan Fillion and PJ Haarsma. Kudos to Wendy for NOT asking the same old tired, boring questions asked by everyone else. Well-done!!!

This is actually part two of the interview. Podcast #32 contains part one.

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Wendy interviewed me once. It was terrifying.

This is a really good interview. Particular highlights include Wendy arguing with Nathan and PJ and asking the kind of questions people don't ask in interviews. And somehow getting away with it. All credits to Nathan for joining in, also.

ETA: Although the question at the end about Nathan's cat's cat litter provided the most surreal moment of my life.

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Wendy interviewed me once. The only thing that was "terrifying" was my Texas accent!

I agree, Nathan deserves credit for getting into it with gusto. Both of the guys were hilarious (loved PJ's comment about Nathan's ass!) and so game for her unusual questions. I wish more of the BDHs would do interviews with Wendy! This is one interview I will listen to several times.

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LOL about the cat litter!!! Now who else would ever ask a question like that??? LOL! LOL! I LOVED it!
It's a great interview, definitely different to the norm. I really enjoy Wendy's informal style - it makes you feel like you're actually there in the room.

I'd like to hear more of the BDHs being interviewed on Sending a Wave as well. Great fun.

Wendy didn't interview me more than once. I seem to become instantly mute as soon as I see her brandishing her microphone around at conventions...

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Wendy deserves much KUDOS!!
(inside joke if you listen to Sending a Wave regularly)

Great job Wendy.
That was an awesome interview, Nathan Fillion was funny as always.

Wendy, I like her, she was so cool, kudos Wendy.
I have to admit, I don't really listen to podcasts. It's just not really my thing. But this one was so fantastic that I not only listened to the entire thing (32 and 33) but I could also easily visualize the conversation going on. I mean, bowling alley anyone? Phil Collins in the backgound... It was phenomenal. Great job!
Nathan hasn't seen They Shoot Horses, Don't They? ?? Boy, you need to get you some Netflix!

This is great fun so far, thank you so much for posting it. But what's freaking me out is that as Genia has pointed out, these people are obviously in a bowling alley. A bowling alley... I keep expecting Jesus Quintana and Jeffrey Lebowski to walk in and join the interview.

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Another excellent interview by Wendy. Having also been interviewed by her (and Andrew for the "Miranda" trip), I encourage more Browncoats and BDHs to be willing to do so. She's delightful, not terrifying (gossi excepted). If you haven't tuned in to earlier episodes, they're worthwhile listening.

Oh, and Tonya it's a very popular national chain bar/bowling center in Hollywood called Lucky Strike Lanes.
I've tweaked the link to go to their website. Also, Wendy isn't actually terrifying - she happens to be a friend and I was joking. Just in case anybody takes me seriously.
Oh, and Tonya it's a very popular national chain bar/bowling center in Hollywood called Lucky Strike Lanes.

What else would it be called! That is funny, thanks. (Lucky Strike is also a very old brand of cigarettes, so the double meaning of going for your perfect score of 300 and being asphyxiated by cigarette smoke at the same time is irresistably amusing).

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Having issues listening to episode 33. I get to the site, and click on the link at the bottom, but no dice. I listened to 32, so I don't think it's me. Is there somewhere else I can listen to this? Anyone else have this problem?
Gossi wrote:
"Wendy interviewed me once. It was terrifying."

Oh come on, it wasn't that bad...or was that on another occassion? (We were both there when I brought the kids over for the recording)

Wendy is terrific. I anticipate getting very drunk with her at Complete, her recording the whole evening and embarrassing me with it for the rest of my life, what's terrifying about that :-)

Very neat interview. I love listening to and sometime taking part in SaW. It's kind of the "Anti-Signal" (and I love that too) Great how different both 'casts are even being from the same fandom. Love that Browncoat diversity :-)

Nevermind. I got it to work today.

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