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April 09 2008

(SPOILER) First look at James Marsters in 'Dragonball'. Well most of him anyhow.

As in Dragonball Z? I'm totally out of the loop.
No, it's supposed to be Dragonball. Dragonball Z come much later.
Doesn't James play Piccolo? I don't think Piccolo was in the Dragonball series, only in Dragonball Z. Correct me if I'm wrong... I haven't watched Dragonball since I was like 6.
Piccolo was in Dragonball toward the end of the run, I think the last two arcs.
Piccolo was in the latter part of Dragonball, when Goku became a teenager and the show started to get more "Z".

I actually like the costume design for James' character in that pic. I'm still kind of worried this is going to look silly though...
I'm afraid...very afraid.
Oh James - why? WHY?
Thats such a tease
James is great and I LOVE dragonball. i was a bit unsure about how they were going to pull off a live action movie though, but so far its looking great[ie james' costume, because so far that's all ive seen!] I really want to see how they are going to do everyone's heads! dragonball heads are all so whacky!
Well, at least they've avoided putting nipples on the suit.

(no Schumacher, I won't forget ;-)
My students who are Buffy fans are over the moon excited about this... :-)
I reserve stating an opinion either direction until at least the 1st trailer comes out. Me thinks that James may be more of a closet geek than we thought and that geekness subverted good judgment on role acceptance. ~Sigh~
Meh, there's nothing wrong with embracing one's geekiness.
That said, I think that on someone like James, who looks like he does, and plays guitar and sings like he does, and is just all-around awesome, I think it's more of a personality quirk than closet geekiness.

Dude, he shoulda been cast in Watchmen. Cuz that would have rocked. He could have been I'm thinking that his hair would be blonde and curly again. Mmmm.
*wipes drool*

Saje, what nipples on whose suit? So confused/appalled/curious.
Have you seen Batman and Robin? Pay attention to the front part of the costumes. :D
To which Batman and Robin are we referring? (I've only watched the original movie, with Jack Nicholson, and Batman Begins. I was a late adopter.)

Dear God, I hope it's not Carrie Kelly!!
I think this was a good career choice. Lead villain in a very popular franchise that is bound to get him ink. Good thing he didn't go green with Brainiac, though. Not the best way to be typecast ;)
Granted it's not a 30 minute internet musical but I think taking a lead role in a big studio movie with a budget rumored to be $100 million is good judgment.
I don't know anything about Watchmen, but everytime I watch Constantine I can't help but imagine that James was in the role, and then I mourn. What might have been!
God please don't let this be another Shadow Puppets :(. Such wasted talent!
Well I'm bummed, apparently JM's gorgeous face is going to be hidden behind a big green mask. Not that I'm into the whole Dragonball thing anyhow, but I was looking forward to seeing James on the big screen for more than five minutes (which is, I understand, about the amount of screen time he has in P.S. I Love You).
Haven't seen that one either, if there's anything I like less that movies based on video games (yes, I'm ancient), it's chick flicks/romantic comedies (also, pickypickypicky).

My personal preferences aside, this was probably a good career choice. Although The Fabulous Four didn't do much for the equally gorgeous and talented Julian McMahon.
To which Batman and Robin are we referring? (I've only watched the original movie, with Jack Nicholson, and Batman Begins. I was a late adopter.)

The fourth film is actually called 'Batman and Robin' BandofBuggered, with George Clooney and Chris O'Donnell. It's widely considered to be the worst superhero film of all time (live action films, in order of release - 'Batman', 'Batman Returns', 'Batman Forever', 'Batman and Robin', 'Batman Begins').

And nope, nil desperandum ;) - Carrie Kelley hasn't appeared in any of the films (she's not from the mainline Batman continuity, only appearing in the 'Dark Knight Returns/Strikes Again') though she's popped up in quasi-cameos in the animated series and a couple of the in continuity comics.

And yeah, JM would've just hit 'Constantine' for six - apart from sheer talent, he looks much more like the comics character and could easily have played him as English (although Scouse would probably still elude him, regional English accents can be hard even for English actors). That said, I actually didn't hate the Keanu Reeves film, reckon they caught JC's essence and Reeves' slightly wooden delivery works quite well for hard-boiled or emotionally disconnected characters IMO.

Re: 'Watchmen' though, i'd rather see him play Rorschach.
Mmmm, Julian McMahon (the only reason I saw the first movie, didn't see the other). He's one of the actors on my list to perform against James. One of them was checked off (Michael Rosenbaum) would of liked it more if it'd happened on another show, but better than nothing.

My sister laughs at what I call the four Js. Jensen, Julian, Johnny and James. Think of the pretty and all the talent on one screen. Yum. (there are more, but they don't start with a J ;)
Well this looks fantastic, they totally changed the look from the anime, which is a good thing. The black looks very threatning, now all that remains is the face which i hope is equally as evil and badass looking.
I think this is one of James's biggest breaks, to be a part of this/these movie(s).
I got my boyfriend to watch Buffy in exchange for me watching Dragonball. We've long run out of Buffy, but Dragonball Z is still going and going... I like it well enough, and I think it's great that James got a role in the movie. I just wish he were playing Vegeta. I see that as a much better character for him.

I'm not too sure what to think of the picture. The costume is completely different from the anime. I will have to wait to see more before I can say if that's a good choice, or a bad one.
EmmBee, i don't think that they are going to follow the anime completely which might be a good thing since there is so much filler. And i also thought that James would have been better playing Vegeta but i think they are going try to limit Vegeta's popularity and not focus directly on the saiyans-saga.
The creator was never fond of Vegeta, he mainly only expanded his role and redeemed him because he was so popular.
OK, I can't leave that last statement alone: Vegeta must be the Spike of Dragonball? Had to be said.
So, that must mean Cole's the Spike of Charmed?

Well, yeah, we all already knew that. ;)
So, that must mean Cole's the Spike of Charmed?
Well, yeah, we all already knew that. ;)
Mirage | April 10, 20:56 CET,

LOL here, as another closet fan of Charmed. But only the first three seasons which were actually quite entertaining. And halfway into the fourth season, only to get closure on Cole's arc. After that, it became so really, really bad, I gave up on it.

Of course Cole was the "Spike of Charmed" & Phoebe/Cole, the Spuffy of Charmed. Marvelously epic and tragic, even when the rest of the show was crumbling around it.

(That last sentence is not a reference to BtS, which certainly never crumbled).

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