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April 10 2008

Nathan Fillion one of EW's "50 Actors We'd Watch in Anything". I definitely agree with that assessment!

Seconded. But then, the same could be said for a lot of Whedonverse actors.

(As an aside, does anyone else think the lead in New Amsterdam is giving off a Nathan Fillion vibe?)
I love the little blurb about him being "man-crushable". That's cute. That's a good picture of him as well (although it's hard to find a bad picture of him).
He's also "man-portable", though barely, especially with my knees.

As to the guy on 'New Amsterdam', so far I haven't been able to get past his uncanny (see what I did there ? ;) resemblance to X-Men's Hugh Jackman. No offence to Nathan but Nikolaj Something-something has a slightly refined quality IMO whereas I see the Cap as being a bit more of an everyman.
Nathan is in some fantastic company in that list...good for him and well chosen, EW!

And I have to agree on behalf of my male friends...he is emminently man-crushable. And on behalf of myself, just crushable!
I WOULD watch Nathan in anything. I am currently watching "Desperate Housewives" only because HE is on it. IMO, his talent is being wasted there. He's window-dressing on that show. (Give him a role with something to do, people!) When his visit ends, so will mine. I'm not dissing the show, but it's not my cup of tea.

I will admit to following my favorite actors to no-so-great shows. I followed Ben Browder over to "SG-1" after "Farscape" ended, just to get some greatness that is Ben. They wasted Ben's talent on that show as well. *Sigh* Plus, I couldn't stand "SG-1" anyway. At least I find "Desperate Housewives" amusing on some level.

Anyway, back to Nathan. I'll follow you anywhere, Big Guy! You are a great talent.
I won't watch him in anything, but I do think he's very good and should definitely be in more things I want to watch. :)

Plus, he's on a list with Morgan Freeman and Don Cheadle. Acting chops of the serious variety there. Not bad.
I can't stand Will Farrel, but otherwise this is a great list IMO!
Hmm... Nathan, Morgan Freeman and Daniel Day Lewis are the only "must sees" on this list for me. A few more are "probablies", but some of them - meh. Twenty-five more to go, and if Gene Hackman isn't on that list, I'll declare this a farce!

MattK - Quoter Gal reckons that Coster-Waldjau is a genetic experiment between Nathan and Denis Leary.
A Fillion/Leary hybrid with no mention of Jackman ?

That's exactly the kind of woolly-headed Viking thinking that gets people FATALly STABbed !
Wowza. That is one heck of a list to be included on. Good for him! But this is hardly the first time that Entertainment Weekly has spotlighted him and projects he's involved in, so it's likely that he's got some fans among the editorial board there. Not a bad 800 pound gorilla to have in your corner.
Simon Pegg is morphing into Ricky Gervais.
The only Whedoneverse actors that could get me to watch *anything* are Alexis Denisof and Amy Acker, but throwing Nathan into something is good incentive for me to watch. Nathan could probably get me to watch Scrubs... and that's saying a lot, considering me and Scrubs? Not the best of friends.

[ edited by Supersymmetrical on 2008-04-10 20:13 ]
Well, since I watched Slither because of Nathan, I'm definitely in the "I watch anything with Nathan" group. (I don't watch horror movies, even funny ones, so that was a big step for me). But the inlcusion of WIll Ferell made it a very suspect list. I mean: comic talent? NF has more of that just standing about.

I WOULD. I watched White Noise 2 for Nathan (it was SOOO HORRIBLE!!!!) and regretted watching it, but his acting was really good for what he had to work with. However, no "power in the verse" (oh god, now I'm talking like you people) can make me watch SG-Atlantis for Jewel Staite, the writing on that show is horrible. Die hard SG-1 fan though.
Why the Scrubs dislike Supersymmetrical? I haven't seen it for about four seasons, but it seemed great from the start. You may be glad to know it's almost over now anyway, just 16 or so episodes left to make (they've switched networks too).

I'm afraid that I, also, can't stand Atlantis -- most of the main characters are completely uncompelling. That being said, you only really notice just how bad it is when you see Sci-Fi Done Right with the new Battlestar Galactica. SG-1 was okay to a point, Ben and Claudia were brilliant in the later seasons, but it felt like they shouldn't have been there, and that it was really getting a bit procedural by then.
I'm not sure, MattK. It seems like a show I should like, what with the sheer absurdity of a lot of it, but it always felt sappy to me. I haven't seen much of it, but the one good thing about the show is the... Dr. Cox, I believe is his name.

I'm a fan of SG-1, though, admittedly, I've only seen seasons 1-5, and a bit of 9 and 10. The Farscape reunion in Seasons 9 and 10 was nice, though it seemed a little awkward. Two great actors though, Browder and Black. I haven't seen much of Atlantis actually.

[ edited by Supersymmetrical on 2008-04-11 00:23 ]
Aww, Atlantis is fab. Sure it's the Rodney McKay Show but I happen to like him so that's fine with me (it is starting to recycle ideas but after - effectively - 14 seasons I think that's gonna happen). SG1 was brilliant and some of 9 & 10 lived up to what had gone before (the general arc, certain episodes and nearly all the performances were up there). If i'm totally honest though, it was never quite the same after RDA went IMO.
Well, almost anything, I can't stomach Desperate Housewives even for Nathan, even if he had a bigger role.
Brownder and Black and SG1 got the Stargate: Ark of Truth DVD right? Next straight to DVD movie Summer 2008 Stargate: Continuium or something like that.

Yah! Nathan! Whoo-hoo! is saying Nathan will be back on Desperate Housewives Sunday.


If Nathan's character goes Caleb and kills the whole neighborhood, you can always pick up the DVD. Hoping for some Nathan extras on the DVD.

Desperate Housewives, give the man a camera! Or have him do a tour like he did on White Noise: The Light. That was so funny.
Yeeeaaaah . . . I will TOTALLY agree that Nathan Fillion is awesome and needs to be in more stuff.

But Will F@#$%&G Ferell? I don't care how correct some of these assessments were, that man needs to be taken into a Hollywood back alley and shot! With a tank!
Batman1016, I can see how Will Ferrell could get on people's nerves - I used to be an anti-fan myself. But between Stranger Than Fiction and Talladega Nights, I'll forgive him for pretty much anything. Shake and Bake, baby!

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