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"I should have slaughtered people weeks ago!"
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April 10 2008

Firefly Tea - a shiny brew. Milk and two sugars please Mal.

Funny! I wonder if it was officially licensed, and if not, whether the copyright police will step in and shut them down. But wouldn't "Serenity" be a better name for tea?
Or Serenitea ? ... I'll get me coat.

I always thought if Mal just had a nice sit down and a cuppa he'd be right as rain in no time, this could've sorted that whole existential angst right out. Add Hobnobs and it could probably bring Wash back to life.
Oh, Saje, you're such a serenitease!
Ooh, ooh, 'Striptea' ! It's just tea in strips but I bet you'd sell a lot before people realised.
Nice idea. I'd buy some if I had a credit card.
gunpowder? How does that taste?
I was wondering about the gunpowder taste as well
The gunpowder in question would be a specific kind of green tea. :-)
Hee - gunpowder taste is not a big selling point for me either - and the emergence of gunpowder was not a happy thing for us Viking-types. And when I buy tea, I like to have all of the ingred-i-ments precisely, not poetically. I give props for the notion, anyhoo.

In true Whedon-style, this tea should make you deliriously happy for a few brief moments, only to have you die tragically halfway through the cup.
My friend (Brian) orders from these guys a lot and says the teas are very good (he hasn't tried Firefly yet).
In true Whedon fandom style, we suggest a deceptive alternate name for it, ponder the experiencing of it in relation to joy, tragedy, and death, and kick the whole discussion off with a series of puns that quickly become sexual.
Oh, and we wished it would bring Wash back, too.
There's a trick to it: Wood alcohol. ;)
No, the wood alcohol experience involves an exchange of cunning insults while discussing mutually beneficial business arrangements. Also, a touch of treachery.

Better Days spoiler: apparently White Fall makes some good booze. Or at least I assume the person on the panel would drink nothing but the best in that situation.
I ordered!!! gunpowder tea goes great with smoke salmon
I have been ordering from Adagio for a few years now and all of their teas are excellent so if you are looking for something great give it a shot. Gunpowder is a type of green teas where the leaves are handrolled into little balls. Sorry for the geeking out on tea
There are some interesting teas there. Hmm... and yum...

Funny, Sunfire! I immediately thought of Spike panties, which then led me to an odd thought... and I'll be over here.

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