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April 10 2008

Television Without Pity's wiki. The site is calling on all "Buffy" buffs to add to its wiki.

that's awesome, but UGH i hate their new layout.
"The creator of the series was Joss Whedon, based on his movie of the same name."

As an editor, this statement should make me cringe but it just gives me the giggles. I like the idea of an eponymous Joss Whedon project.
So, if it's wiki, then your remarks can be edited by someone else, right? Is the editing only for factual stuff, or could a positive review of an episode from their hated last three seasons be amended so that it's 'properly' derisive, too?
If I updated their wiki, it'd be to say "Why the heck did you have someone who clearly hates Whedon recap his shows?" Seriously, I think most Buffy episodes got Ds!

[ edited by swanjun on 2008-04-11 00:43 ]
"It was a nail-biting, adrenaline-pumping thrill-ride that had me on the edge of my seat. If you see only one eponymously-named film this year, it has to be the all-singing, all-dancing, all-slaying rip-roaring spectacularastic film extravaganza:

Joss Whedon: Still Crunchy in Milk!

Better than Josh Whedon: Electric Bugaloo! Better than Joe Swedon: Living on the Edge! It's better than any eponymously-named movie ever made in the history of film!

(Golly, once you start writing that stuff, it's really hard to stop.)

[ edited by QuoterGal on 2008-04-11 00:59 ]
I agree swanjun! But it's not like their hate was just limited to Buffy... they do kind of spray it everywhere.
I used to enjoy TWoP despite the weird Buffy recaps, but then they were total jerks both about Firefly and then directly to the Firefly posters. Haven't been back since.
What Wiki? The link links to a messy website..
Hee hee, QuoterGal. I can't hear anything "2" without mentally inserting "Electric Boogaloo" onto the title.
How were they jerks to the Firefly posters? I read their forums, but don't participate myself, but I've started to hear bad things about them.
Hee hee, QuoterGal. I can't hear anything "2" without mentally inserting "Electric Boogaloo" onto the title.

I'd go with "This Time It's Personal!"
There's a reason it's a classic.
No way will I sign up to get sucked into the TWoP snark/flame pit. I truly detest this site for being consistently more interested in hearing the sound of their own negative voices than in a serious discussion of TV.
Or sometimes their nigh-incomprehensible pretentious voices (read any of the Doctor Who recaps?).
So someone hasn't dumped Television without Pithy in a hellmouth yet - what a pity.
They got bought by Bravo a while ago and the three original founders all quit last month. Maybe things will change.

Snark is so last season. ;)
MattK, the only thing I'm aware of is that the Firefly recapper, some time after his recaps, about when Serenity came out, said some nasty things about Firefly fans. It was on his own blog, I believe, not on the TWOP site itself. Not surprisingly, though, it got linked to and feelings were ruffled.
Their missions statement/motto, right there on the front page and long-running for years now, is "Spare the snark, spoil the networks". Can't hate on a site for being exactly what it advertises itself to be (unless it was, y'know, deliberately hateful in a more harmful way like promoting racism or homophobia or whatnot. Cutting up art has always happened and it's neither good nor bad, just a fact of life).

Sometimes their reviews seemed unfairly harsh to me too, but other times I was glad their writers challenged convention and got mad at TV writers for taking the easy way out/not reviewing their own goddamn continuity/dropping storylines and character developments completely (the latter directed squarely at the four seasons I spent with Smallville). And they'd beat up on actors and over-treacly/melodramatic musical choices (whether the score, or a licensed pop song) and whatever other element of the production they felt deserved it. Sometimes I want to read severe challenges to creators' intentions.

But yeah, I won't argue, sometimes it reads like venomous bile for just the sake of bile...and to fulfill the site's mission statement and strive to keep up their cranky/edgy(?) image.

I still like their boards, they've got some worthwhile forums. The humor is strong with many of the members as well.

Far as their reviews, which are actually detailed critical recaps of entire episodes...barely ever read them anymore. 'Cause let's see--spend time on reading a biased near-transcript of what I've already seen...or watch brand new TV/movies/read. It's too much of a re-tread, for me. Sometimes I'll skip to specific parts of a recap to see what the writer thought, or if they had a reaction to a small character moment that I thought was brilliant/weird/funny/badly acted, but otherwise...meh. But they still have one of the best boards to go to if you watch (or used to watch) a ton of TV and want to discuss it all in one place. I mean ideally, if I had the time, I'd go to Toon Zone to discuss cartoons, come here and maybe hit a few more potentially objective places to discuss Whedon's works (including TwoP, 'cause there're a ton of critical-but-fair fans who love most of his work too), and whatever other specific-to-show/creator boards there are out there for my other's nice to stick around just a few communities though and actually invest the time to get a feel for them, maybe become familiar with the regulars.

[ edited by Kris on 2008-04-11 03:26 ]
The creator of the series was Joss Whedon, based on his movie of the same name.
So, does this mean Joss himself is based on a movie called "Joss Whedon"? It boggles the mind.
I'm well late on this, but it's Whedonesque policy not to rag on other sites or commenters there. Let's stick to the topic at hand. Thanks.
Plus, there are some communities on that site that are tres cool.

The LIFE section in dramas is notorious for the HUGE love (and the sexay and intense motivators), and the Little House section is really hi-larious. Seriously, nasty and big with the critique but still bringing the lurve, big time.

If there is one thing I could say about TWoP, it's that the recaps are a really small part of what they are all about. Check into the specific show categories and you'll find some kindred and well-thinking folks.

I like that site very much, and participate often.
There'd be no Whedonesque without TWOP. It's my number one stop on the web and it's the site I show my employers when I need to explain community features. Love the recaps even when I disagree or when they rag on my favourite characters. As for their policies... we employ quite similar ones here, it's how we like to stimulate quality posts.

I like the new features they brought in yesterday, the homepage looks a lot better if a little more corporate. I'm glad their new owners invest in them. Didn't know yet that the founders left, though. I hope TWOP retains at least some of its authenticity.
I like TWOP. If I'm down and troubled, and need some loving care I read the 7th Heaven recaps. (The best is on the heavenly musical!) It's nearly as good for light depression as Soviet entertainment film.
And I love the Veronica Mars-love!
They're sometimes harsh on the last Buffy-seasons, but then they're not fans, and I don't need everyone to agree on everything with me. And sometimes they've got a point too. It's just a question, what you're looking for in and loving about a show...
Edited for against-Whedonesque-policy snark. I plead the still-adjusting newbie. :)

Anyone else getting IPS Driver Errors trying to access the site?

[ edited by Enisy on 2008-04-11 12:53 ]
I'm well late on this, but it's Whedonesque policy not to rag on other sites or commenters there. Let's stick to the topic at hand. Thanks.
SoddingNancyTribe | April 11, 06:08 CET

Oops, my bad, all apologies.

(I assume you get a pass if you quote Disraeli & you're wicked subtle about it) ;-)
Meep, didn't see that. Do I get a pass? ;) If not, I'll edit.
That would be nice.
Meep, didn't see that. Do I get a pass? ;) If not, I'll edit.
Enisy | April 11, 12:36 CET

Welcome Enisy. I wasn't picking on you, I just couldn't resist a comment about your clever use of a great quote. I should have kept my big mouth shut. ;-)
I miss the old TWoP layout. I miss the old TWoP. It hasn't been the same since they were bought out.
Excellent, I see the Buffy wiki is growing in leaps and bounds, plenty of comments are pouring in. When I checked it out yesterday, only season seven was posted.

Yeah, I was a bit dismayed at the new lay-out at first, but once you play with the new settings, it's actually quicker linking the page you want.

As for TwOP, I think it's a great site and I rather enjoy the snark. More often than not, they give me a good chuckle with the humor. Also, they give some interesting insights to the more character-based shows such as BSG.
TWOP has been a godsend for those of us who live overseas.
See, forum posters tend to skip the little details when reviewing episodes, and transcripts don't give full context of what is happening on screen.
But TWOP's recaps, though snarky, could always be relied on for up-to-date info on shows and episodes might not be screened in our countries for months. If ever.

So less of the dissing of TWOP please, and a little more love.

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