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April 10 2008

New Haven, CT Serenity 11:30 pm screenings. They're happening this Friday and Saturday.

Know anybody in New Haven, CT?

Haven!! This town needs a Serenity Charity Screening!
Maybe there is a Browncoat theater owner there!

4/11/08 4/12/08
Criterion Cinemas
86 Temple Street, New Haven, CT 06510, 203-498-2500

AHHHH I'm in New Haven (for school that is!) Criterion is a kick-ass theater, very much about bringing the joy of movies back into people's lives. Now let's see if I can convince my roommates to go with me....
Another Whedonesquer in New Haven? I'm in New Haven. How many of us are there? I know several Whedon fans, but nobody else who frequents this board.

I definitely don't know if there are enough of us here to support a Serenity Charity screening. Maybe if enough Yalies could get interested.
I'm from NYC and would certainly go to New Haven and visit friends in Yale for a Serenity charity screening.
See how many people show up on Friday and Saturday night. And if there are any with Jayne hats.

And if there is a Browncoat theater owner!!!!

See if there are any local government officials at the screenings. Maybe they can rename the town Haven for a day.

Sorry...need to go to sleep now.
I used to live in New Haven!!!

I miss the pizza...

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