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April 11 2008

Another Starfury guest cancellation - Alan Tudyk no longer able to attend. According to Sean Harry, Alan is unable to attend due to work committments with ABC.

Anyone confirm if that's actually true? Since, well, Sean Harry doesn't have the cleanest reputation when it comes to 'signing' people and then them 'canceling' due to 'work' commitments.
Leiasky - I'm sure we'll find out one way or the other soon enough :)
He's working.

The person who runs is the shiniest person there has ever been on this here Earth, also, in the opinion of me.
Was it ABC that "picked up" Nathan's comedy repo-guys pilot ?

ETA: Yep, it was. Hmm, intriguing.

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Does the person running actually know though? Does she have direct contact with Alan or is she just basing her info on what Sean H has posted on his forums?
Doubleshiny knows Alan, she's stayed at his house. (This is a joke by the way). (It's funny if you're me or her).

Saje - Heh.
So what other speculation is there on what this new job may be? Can't be the pilot he recorded a little while back (All Rise - legal drama) because that was on a different network I think...
I can't recall where I read it, but he did do a Lawyer-type Pilot, and it was for ABC.... hmmm.... Could it be "Jake in Progess"?

I bet if we could get Alan to go to a Con in Australia, he'd tell us... lol. :)

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How interesting -- the Starfury site still lists him as a guest.

Who else dropped off?
Morena had to pull out, so Alan was her replacement. Alan pulled out. Summer pulled out, along with Jamie Bamber (of Battlestar fame).
So Serenity Complete is not so complete anymore, is it? ;-D

Poor Lioness and her Starfury tribulations! "And Starfury has Summer Glau whom I've never seen and Alan Tudyk whom I've never seen speak." That makes her 0 for 2. :( I'm sure she'll still have a wonderful time but still ...
TDBrown - Forgive my ignorance of US TV networks - but I believe the lawyer pilot was for NBC - not ABC? As per this article...(Hollywood Reporter)
Yeah, she'll be bummed, Cabbie, and that's a fact.

Lioness could prolly have a wonderful time watching grass grow - she's just got that gift for enjoying stuff - but seeing these two was really on her WishList.

The Lioness will roar. A little. And then make a friend and have lunch.
Here are the replacement guests that Sean has got for the Con as posted on the starfury forum

Kandyse Mclure(Dualla), Leah Cairns('Racetrack') Michelle Forbes(Admiral Cain) from Galactica, Richard Brooks(Early) and Ron Glass(Book) from Firefly

Look forward to seeing them tomorrow
Jamie Bamber turned up on Saturday night having left straight from the set of BSG. Despite the teething problems, and being more BSG than Firefly, it was a good weekend with quality guests
Yes, it was a good weekend. Would have been better if I'd see Alan and Summer and some of the volunteers were a little officious but everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

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