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April 11 2008

(SPOILER) David Boreanaz Talks About Bones. David talks about Booth's characterization, gets a little feisty when someone calls Bones a "bubble" show, and says he'll be directing an episode at some point. Wee spoilers for some upcoming episodes.

Thanks for link.

Not a fan of using "I get/got the impression" more than once in an article.
Wishing David the best with his show, seems he's enjoying it. What more can you ask? Best of luck, David!
Love David, love "Bones," looking forward to Monday (FINALLY! Something to watch on Monday nights) and Season Four.
Good for David! "Bones" is a good show.
I heart David Boreanaz and Bones. I imagine he'd be a really cool person with whom to hang out.
David was right on the mark to expect a source from the reporter, especially in view of the fact that Fox has asked for season four episodes to be planned. I was glad that Hart Hanson mentioned season four at the Paley event. The reporter should have done his job before trying to start a rumor. There's enough misinformation out there. Good for you David !!!
In what alternate reality was Bones ever on the bubble this year? It's season 4 pick up was never in question. That reporter(?) got exactly what he/she deserved.
Not only is Bones not 'on the bubble' (it got picked up for 20 new episodes for season 4) but FOX has talked to Hart Hanson (creator) about a season 5.... (but I'm not taking anything for granted here).
Give em hell Dave!
More Bones!!! Yes! Interesting that they filmed the finale before the strike. I guess TV shows are always being filmed out of order. Not sure how many episodes we get. has 4 episodes listed, but perhaps we get more than that.
I think it's 5. Me happy. Me miss Bones.
Bones is such a fantastic show, and David B. is just phenomenal in it. Can't wait for its return!
Can't wait for more... just wish it didn't come on at the same time as HIMYM!

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