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April 12 2008

Charity Auction for Dinner with Jewel Staite and Paul McGillion back on. "All previous bids were indeed lost." This a charity auction to raise money to help with medical bills of Babz Chula.

They are auctioning a bunch of stuff. Scroll down the list to find Jewel's dinner.

Jewel sent out a bulletin to her 28664 friends about the Dinner auction. Gee, if all her myspace friends kicked in a $1.00 on the Pay Pal donation button, that would be $28,664. Whoops, less Pay Pay fees. Jewel didn't mention the PayPay donation method just the Dinner Auction in her bulletin.

What is an "administrative complication with eBay"?
eBay is renowned for shutting down charity auctions. They're a nightmare. Although admittedly, they're trying to protected their users as there are a lot of scammers out there.

There's also lunch with Joss' new leading man on Dollhouse on eBay, for Babz Chula.

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