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April 12 2008

Once More with Feeling Karaoke CDG released in the UK. Songs from OMWF and about 10 other Buffy songs in karaoke versions, for your home singing pleasure.

Don't know what the visuals are like for this one, but I sure hope it's cheesy shots of people walking along the beach, like most karaoke discs.

Whoo-hoo! Maybe someday there will be Dr. Horrible Sing-Along Blog Karaoke DVDs too!

Buffy SingALong,

Now that the strike is over, any news on Buffy Sing Along theater showings? Have you heard anything?
This made me wistful for the Buffy Sing-Alongs, too. I only went to two showings, but they were such a blast! Plus, I misplaced the plastic fangs they gave out, and it's not as though I could go to a 99 store to replace them. C'mon, Fox, cease with the cease and desist!
I totally need this DVD for shindigs. I went to the very last sing a long with Buffy in San Diego and it was awesome.
"In the style of"? This sounds dreadfully awful on a kitsch level of 10.
Guess it depends on the voice behind the mic. I see no harm in this. Then again, I only sing in the shower so what do I know.
Karaoke? And it's not even my birthday!

As a karaoke tragic from way back, this disc is a must buy. Sunfly usually do excellent quality discs, so I'm not too worried about 'In the style of..'

I love the inclusion of the soundtrack songs too and can't wait to do a bit of Four Star Mary down the pub in the near future!
I see Garbage's Temptation Waits is also on the track list. It was also on the first Buffy album, but I've always wondered why it was included there. Does anyone know when it features in Buffy? Of course the lyrics contain the line "I am a vampire", so I always thought that was the reason it was included.
While I definitely need to have this, I'd still like to know why they didn't include "Stay" from OMWAF? I mean, I see why it might be difficult to produce karaoke versions of "Theory" and "Walk through the Fire", but ...
Just a warning for those thinking of bying this, I don't think it's actually a DVD, it's listed under the CDG section. So I assume it's actually a CD+G.
Which are playable on most CD-players, but if you want the lyrics on your TV, you'll either need a professional Karaoke machine or be very lucky and have one of the rare* DVD/CD/CD-ROM players that understands the CD+G format and will output the graphics. (And there is software to play it on a PC.) Might want to change the title of this thread as well.

(* = I think they are quite rare, though I'm not sure, maybe they're not that uncommon. Just check the manual of your DVD-player if you want to know whether it supports CD+G discs. CD-I players support the format as well and so do some even more obscure peripherals, see the CD+G wikipedia page for a more complete list.)

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Good point. I amended the title.
Want it!

Can't play it though....
Celebithil, I believe Temptation Waits by Garbage was used for promo ads in different countries, same thing with Guided By Voices' Teenage FBI, Furslide's Over My Head and Hepburn's I Quit. They were all never used on the show but they were included on the soundtracks
Yeah, I think it was used as a springboard during season two.
Okay, so since using this doesn't involve screening the episode I'm pretty sure it should be possible to hold a Buffyokey night. London, pub, Buffy singing contest... Who's up for it?
I'm staying well away from this one. Sure i just finally got the 'Once more with feeling' script book yey me)and have been singing along very badly; but this, ah ah not going anywhere near it.

Sent your idea to
just give me a time and place, gossi... right there with you
You buying the brew?! Didn't I just say gossi is my best friend!
Mr. Pointy, "Teenage FBI" played in the background of a scene at The Bronze, but I can't remember which episode or even which season. I may have to watch DVDs all day now, and it's all your fault.
Wasn't that "Teenage Vampire", Dreamlogic? I could be wrong.
Gossi - totally up for that!
So if it turns out there isn't a UK Charity Serenity Screening, maybe there could be an
alternative CSTS event with singing.
No news yet to report on getting the sing along shows going again, but we're working on it. As soon as I know I will make a big noise.

And thanks for the CDG update, I couldn't tell easily which format it was in. Maybe they will do both eventually.
Buffy SingALong,

Yeah, "working on it".
No, Madhatter. It was "Teenage FBI." I'm a GBV fan, so I wouldn't mistake it for something else. It's at such a low volume on the soundtrack that I didn't even hear it until I got a speaker system for my TV. I still haven't figured out which episode, but I had good day with my DVDs.
hMM, "Mrs." isn't on it... or "We Are As Gods" either. I mean, it said "other Buffy music" so, y'know, fair's foul or something like that.

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Thanks Mr. Pointy and Madhatter. This explains, though I still think the link is rather weak for inclusion here. I love Garbage (the band that is, not the stuff in my bin ;-)), so this sorta bugged me.

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