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April 13 2008

Nathan Fillion on *New* Desperate Housewives tonight! According to Yahoo! TV.

We know from Nathan at Cut 2008, that he will be back in 7 or 8 episodes.

I didn't know he was Candian, who would've thunk it?
Can we get confirmation from somewhere else other than IMDB? As I have fond memories of David Boreanaz to star in Charmed says IMDB and Nathan to guest in loads of episodes of Lost.
It also says his in a new Wonder Woman cartoon. I thought it was a mistake because when I first looked at it I thought it said he was wonder woman but anyways...
Yahoo lists him as being in the episode, so I'll change the link over to that.

Also can anyone let me know if Nathan and Gary Cole share a scene together in the next few weeks. As that would be LJ icon heaven for a lot of genre fans.
Ah, another foiler.
Noticed this on Nathan's page .

"Repo Brothers" (2008) TV series (in production) (creator)

Not even rumored. In Production!

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I'm so glad to know Nathan will be on Desperate Housewives tonight, I was thinking of skipping it because I was afraid his character wouldn't return again.
Anonymous1, it is still completely bizarre that this info about Repo Brothers is pretty prominent on the Internet and there hasn't been a single peep about it in the trades or any of the usual TV info sites. I wouldn't go trusting imdb about it being in production. Yet. That way leads to disappointment.

I know. Bizarre is the word. I looked around the Repo Brothers page hoping there was an article or something but NOTHING. has his part in Animated Wonder Woman as Wonder Woman (2008) (V) (filming) (voice) (rumored) .... Col. Steve Trevor
It's filming and still rumored?

I like the fact that the writer tag is now on his page whether it happens or not.
You do understand that most "in production" stuff on imdb is not vetted. Right? Anyone can submit stuff and a lot of the time it simply isn't correct.
Yep, like Simon said above and I had in my original post. has been wrong before. I like to think of as a little better then wiki though. But maybe not by much.
I can just see Alan calling Nathan and congratulating him on Repo Brothers being in production and Nathan saying What???
Nathan's only just going back now, so his episodes shouldn't air for a few weeks (after tonight's).

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Well, Nathan was on Desperate Housewives (USA) tonight. Sorry to report, he did not take off his shirt.

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