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April 13 2008

(SPOILER) Bones returns Monday with an all new episode. This links to the official FOX site where there be videos of the upcoming episode. Bones is moving to Mondays at 8:00 just before House.

That show is so charming. Except for the decaying corpses. But it makes up for them with extra charm.
Fantastic show with fantastic leads. Can't wait for the new episodes.
'What are we, brook trout?' Hee hee! I just loves me some Bones.
Matt Roush wrote about this episode in his column on, and it really sounds funny and amusing. Having successfully addicted a coworker to Buffy and Angel, I'm trying to capitalize on her Boreanaz-lust to get her to watch tonight. :)
Oh, what a fun episode!

"Forehead." LOL!

Rather disappointed about a certain new cast member, but oh well.

Looking forward to much new Bones come this fall. Just three more new episodes now? Wah.

A man who sculpts horses is a man after my own heart.
Wow. Tom "Mister" Friendly gets to be a lawyer when he's off the island? Cool.

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