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April 14 2008

Happy Birthday Sarah Michelle Gellar! Thirty-one years ago today the essence of acting talent was plucked from the heavens and bestowed upon a newborn babe. And I mean babe.

From the recent Buffy reunion:

WHEDON: David [Greenwalt] and I used to crow when we realized what Sarah could do. We used to call her Jimmy Stewart, because he was the greatest American in pain in the history of film.

GELLAR: I never knew that. You called me Jimmy Stewart?

ETA: Artist JayneLovesVera captures the essence of acting greatness.

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Happy Birthday Sarah! Keep entertaining us!
Happiest of the happiest, Mrs. Prinze!

Why is this day not a national holiday? It should be. Hers, and Joss' birthday. After all, if Dr. Seuss' is an unofficial holiday, this one totally merits it.

Then again, it might be the day the undead choose to run rampant. This isn't yet a Vampire-Free America.
Happy Birthday! You're my favorite actress! =)
Happy Birthday, Sarah!
Cool tag line man,

Happy Birthday Sarah.
You are a goddess! Happy B-day!
omg Happy Birthday Sarah!!! We love you girl!
Happy birthday, Sarah! I hope you have a fabulous one!

And can I just say how much I love all the tags? Totally made my day.
There should be a special hat, maybe some kind of commemorative pastry ... and songs we can sing door to door :)

Happy B-Day SMG!
Happy birthday Ms Sarah Michelle Gellar, actress extraordinaire, and many more.

Now you're safely over 30 you have, ooh, a good 7 or 8 years of complete relaxation before you have to start panicking about turning 40. Enjoy ;-).
Happy birthday from all in our house! And a special greeting from my 10-year-old daughter. Buffy is her favorite hero!

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Happy Birthday Sarah! My favourite actress and woman behind my favourite ever fictional character.
Happy Birthday Sarah! You are beautiful, talented and grateful! And amazing in person!

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Happy Birthday Sarah! Enjoy your day.
Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday Sarah!
Hope you find the project that showcases your talents in the coming year :)
Happy Birthday to the lovely and super-talented Ms. Geller, the One True Buffy.
Happy Birthday Sarah, thanks for Buffy and for everything since -- especially Southland Tales.
Happy birthday, Sarah, you're kind of cute :-).

As for talent, well if Lucas or Spielberg are planning new version _SHE!_ they need to call you.

Wow, except for your father-in-law semi-accidentally blowing his brains out, the first part of 1977 was a very good start of the year. First AMber 's born, then you're born, then I get my BA. Of course it kinda-turned pear-shaped over the summer.
Finally, a young Buffyverse actor has a birthday that starts with "3." I don't feel quite so decrepit now. Happy b-day!
Happy birthday! :-D I need to go get some cake and get people together!

And Roland, plenty of Buffyverse actors are in their thirties. Sarah is among the younger ones in the show.
Happy birthday, Sarah!
Valentyn; Not to speak for Roland, but I'm guessing what he meant was the Older Performers, like Charisma, David, Nicky, Emma, and Aly have been in their 30s for a while. But Sarah , Roland considers one of the Younger Performers so he gets a bounce from realizing she's 30+.

(Kind of like the way I felt when I found out Tony Head and also the guys from Brooks and Dunn were older than I am, I'd imagine.)
Ah, to be 31 again! A very happy birthday, Sarah!
DaddyCatALSO: Yes, that was more or less what I meant. Just sayin', my rheumatism is still acting up from that whippersnapper Eliza's birthday thread in December. :v)
Happy, Happy Birthday, Sarah!
Many happy returns!
Happy Birthday to Sarah!
What they all said...
Happy Birthday Sarah!

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