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April 14 2008

(SPOILER) Emma Caulfield passed on 'Battlestar' audition. She would have auditioned for Six and/or Starbuck. Video has potential spoilers for Smallvile and other shows.

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She would have made a good Six I think. And who knows if she were Starbuck I might not hate the character.
Good girl.
Well, I think they did a perfect job casting both characters. I don't think anyone could have done as great a job with #6 and all her incarnations as Tricia Helfer. I'm glad Emma agrees and doesn't feel bitter about it or anything.
I love Emma Caulfield and all, but where has she been?
I think she's been doing some satellite radio work and charity stuff.
Emma on Battlestar? *head explodes*

DaddyCatALSO -- can you point us to her satellite radio gig? I'd be interested in checking that out, (even if it is on a political show that I'd normally avoid.) She's smart, funny and interesting, and there's a little Emma-shaped gap in my world since BtVS ended its run.
I was a big Emma fan while she was on Buffy, but haven't been just blown away by anything I've seen her in since (which admitedly hasn't been much). As great an actress as she is I'm 150% satisfied with Tricia Helfer and Katee Sackhoff in the roles.
What Haunt said. I think Emma would be very good in a sitcom of some sort, but I just don't see her in heavyweight dramatic roles, despite my total appreciation of her in Buffy. Her tear-inducing moment in The Body is one of my all-time favorite moments in the entire series (despite recent revelations that she needed to go to the restroom at the time). And she was fabulous in OMWF. But I cannot see her in BSG at all.
Barest_smidgen, Emma Caulfield was (maybe still is) co-hosting a show with Michael Parker on KarmaAir. Here's a link back to a discussion about it last year:
As lovely as she is, I don't think Emma's the right "type" to play 6 (and certainly not Starbuck - though I guess she's got a pretty strong jawline so maybe with her hair cut short ... ?).

Part of 6 in relation to Baltar is IMO that she's kind of the cliché of shallow attraction (no offence to Tricia Helfer or to anyone that's attracted to "California Blondes" ;). She's a tall, booby, leggy blonde - basically a 'Barbie' doll - and I think that's done deliberately to highlight Baltar's relative shallowness in some respects (or maybe 'simplicity' is a better word).

And i'm also happy with how both women already play those parts, wouldn't change them for quids.
She needs something new to work on. If she would just turn out to be the mother on "How I Met Your Mother" or hey, she could be an evil bunny/bee-hunter on "Pushing Daisies". Just give her a reccuring role on a show I watch.

And yeah, although I liked all her dramatic moments on "Buffy", she's too funny to jump into something as dark as "Battlestar Galactica".
Wow. That's gotta burn.
[self-delusional font engaged] It's way too small a part to do her justice but maybe she could play Amber 's summer fling in my screenplay [self-delusion font closed]

I'm not sure if her feelings towards acting have improved at all since a couple years back (and I don't own any appliance to watch her on anyway) but she really is an under-utilized resource of "The Biz."

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I miss seeing her on TV... :( Maybe she should do an internet web series like Felicia Day. :) And Tom Lenk could appear on it!
I'd buy a million copies... wait... that doesn't make sense...
At first I thought she'd be too short for Six, but after thinking about it, I think should would have done a killer job (I like Tricia , but her acting has yet to knock my socks off). Katee however IS Starbuck (for the current BSG at aleast) and I couldn't fathom anyone else playing the part.
As much as I love Emma, I agree that it would be difficult to see anyone other than Katee Sackhoff and Tricia Helfer playing those roles. It's hard to say though, because even though both of those actresses have made the parts their own, I can't help but imagine how it might have been.

Some roles are done brilliantly by the actors who play them, but there are probably other actors out there who could have done them well. Others it seems like only one actor can ambody the role and manage a perfect performance- like Captain Jack Sparrow, Han Solo, Buffy Summers (sorry Kirsty Swanson), Jack Bauer or Veronica Mars. Sometimes it seems like the actor is such a huge part of the role that they just wouldn't be the same without them. I definitely think Starbuck might be one such case, although Anya too was an example.

But I would definitely love to see Emma do more work in the future, because I haven't seen her in anything since Buffy although I was aware of that film Darkness Falls. And I do think that one thing that might have disappointed me if Emma had been on BSG that she wouldn't have got a chance to do as much humour. The humour is BSG is usually very dark and gallows type of humour, which wouldn't have allowed much room for the pure brilliance of Emma's comic range.

Some of the comments people have left here make it sound as if Emma has given up on acting, can anyone clarify or point me to a relevant interview? I somehow seem to have missed her saying anything as definitive as that, although I can remember her saying she wanted to do other things with her life too. Any idea what her position is?
She said she's really into Battlestar Galactica at the reunion. She also said she's done 2 movies that she would be promoting this year.
I agree with the 150% satisfied rating of both Helfer and Sackhoff.

Maybe Emma could be Cally or Dee or Billy (with a new gender) -- those characters could stand to be funnied-up a bit--but I think #6 and Starbuck are perfect as they are.
Well it's not like she's the first one to make this mistake. Nor will she be the last.

I completely agree with the Sackhoff/Helfer love expressed here. I can't really imagine Emma in either role, truthfully.
(despite recent revelations that she needed to go to the restroom at the time)

I think ESPECIALLY because of those revelations :) And I think that to say "I wouldn't change a thing having seen Tricia/Katee in the roles" is kinda missing the point since if Emma had been cast you wouldn't be able to make the judgment using that criteria. Although its also true that we don't know how Emma would've played the roles, so... I forget what my point is. Please carry on (unless you were going to talk about how awesome furries are, there's already a thread for you elsewhere ;)).
Yeah as much as I loved Emma in Buffy, I couldn't really see her as either Starbuck or Six. Both Sackhoff and Helfer are absolutely perfect for those roles imo.
... since if Emma had been cast you wouldn't be able to make the judgment using that criteria.

Sure we would, we still wouldn't change a thing, just with Emma in the role ;-).

(now if Emma had played Furry Starbuck, that might sway me. StarBunny ! ;)
I know BtVS lovers tend to think of Emma as a comic actress 'cause of her Anya turn, but unless I'm mistaken, I thought it was Emma that said (on the Chosen DVD collection extras Joss/actor/writer panel) that she was so grateful about her casting in Buffy for the chance to play comic for once. Also, she certainly broke my heart with pathos more than once as Anya - I'm thinking of "The Body" especially, the call of nature notwithstanding...

I'd love to see her do something awesome like BSG - I think she would have made a fine Six. While Six in several of her manifestations plays a sex object for Balthar and others, as portrayed by Tricia Helfer she is much more than that, and conveys fine shades of feeling most simply and beautifully. I think it's possible that Emma could have pulled that off, as well.
I always think of '6' as a very distinct character from the other sixes (she even looks quite different). Emma would do a fine job as Gina or Caprica but I still don't see her as '6'.

Still, in all seriousness, it's just impossible to say (if asked beforehand I probably wouldn't have said Amy Acker could play someone like Illyria either and how wrong would I have been ? I'dve been wrong royalty I reckon, or at least a very high ranking advisor to the wrong throne. Joss has got an eye for hella talented folk, no messing).
I see Ron Moore has a new Sci-Fi pilot coming for Fox. Maybe something there for our Emma :)
I loved her work on Buffy, but have never seen her in anything else. And I can't imagine she would work in BSG at all; well, not in those two roles at least. Impossible to say with Helfer and Sackhoff defining those roles - two of the most complex female characters in science fiction. (Well, in Helfer's case - multiple characters, I guess.)
Anyone remember her from 90210? I've never seen it, but it says she was in 30 episodes on IMDB.
Well it's not like she's the first one to make this mistake. Nor will she be the last.

Will Smith or Ewan McGregor as Neo? Now those I can see.
I can remember her in 'Beverly Hills 90210'. She was fine, but it was season 6 or 7, so the show was quite a long way past its "best" - and in truth it wasn't really all that great to start with.

I liked her a lot in 'Darkness Falls'. It's not a great film by any means, but I enjoyed it. I still really want to see 'Bandwagon', but that seems to have disappeared off the face of the planet now.
Sylvestor Stallone - Turned down Michael Douglas’ role in “Romancing the Stone”.

Okay, so there is a God.
Razor; I've read some interviews where she's talked about leaving show business. It's alluded to in Topping s' Slayer. I've seen ineterviews where she's thought about running a wildlife park and an interview afetr _Bandwagon_ came out where she said she enjoyed producing, which is still The Biz but not acting.
Will Smith or Ewan McGregor as Neo? Now those I can see.

Whoaa, that is blasphemy of the highest order. Talking about Keanu Reeves here. ;-)

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